Friday, August 19, 2011

The Gift of Flowers

Instead of just dropping Papoose #2 off at cross country practice this morning, I took a travel mug of coffee with me and stayed there and watched her, drank coffee, read my was really nice.   On one round as she passed my car, she threw a little flower on my windshield.  She later told me that she saw it on one round and thought it was so pretty, so she scooped it up on her next round.  She is so incredibly thoughtful with things like that.  I like that kid.  I think I'll keep her  ;-)

Had a WONDERFUL drive with Deuce last night.  He did so ridiculously good.  I'm so happy to see his training coming along like it is.

LabPup Milo is like a displaced citizen lately.  First Mister Wonderful takes his kennel, which is his bed, out of the bedroom so he can set up his stupid tv and gaming crap and all that.  Then we have to separate the raping donkey from the traumatized goat, so the horney donkey is in LabPup Milos outside doggie yard where his swimming pool is....the poor guy doesn't know what to do with himself.  Such a sweet guy.  Turning into a really good doggie.
Growing Into
Such a Handsome Boy

Loves Some Tubby Swimmin!! 

Sweet Muddy Faced Boy 

It's not looking good on the money I need for the house.  May be searching for a place to rent soon.  Sucks balls.

All hell is going to break loose if we lose this house.  That'll define the divorce date for sure.

Had  a cute little praying mantis on the grill when I was outside with the dogs this morning.  Phone didn't want to focus when I got to close to him, but got a fairly decent pic anyhow.  I had never seen a real live mantis before moving to Texas years ago.  But then, I'd never seen a lot of things before moving to Texas.....

I surely do hope the tires and wheels we ordered come in today.  I'm really tired of rolling the donut.  It doesn't quite give the ride and performance I've become used to in the old jalopy, if ya know what I mean.

I'm so stressed out about the house thing that I feel like I'm functioning on pain meds or something....hazy, stressed out and upset tummy, but foggy and detached from everything around me.

I keep telling myself that things will be better soon.  That however everything works out, it will all be ok.

I'm an idiot.

But over and above all of this, my kid loves me and gave me a sunflower on the run today.  That just doesn't happen for you every day.

I am blessed.


  1. man o man... i hate to hear that about the money situation... shit...

    that is a gorgeous flower! you have some of the most thoughtful kids i think i've ever come across.... that means you are a thoughtful mom :)

    and that LabPup... how sweet!

  2. Money or lack of it is such a fucking drag. It is a depressing situation.

    I am glad you have a sweet puppy to bring a smile to your face.

  3. That pup is beautiful! I love his tub.

    MW needs to have his toys taken away so he can focus on proper priorities.

    I love the flower. Love the sound of that child too. Yay, you!