Monday, August 29, 2011

Girl (And Boy) Interrupted, and The Car With New Shoes

Finally have new and safe tires and wheels on the jalopy.  I cannot begin to describe how beautifully it handles and rides now.  Wow what a difference. The jalopy loves his new shoes :-)   Money I didn't want to spend, but nothing to be done about it.

Our A/C went down some time before Papoose #2 and I got home from Job #2 last night.  Walked into the house and it was sweltering.  Mister Wonderful was holed up in the master bedroom with his head set on, deeply involved in some war in video land with a couple of empty beer bottles sitting next to his chair and was quite perturbed that I interrupted his bid for world domination by asking for help in trying to get the air conditioner back up and running so we girls could get a decent nights sleep.  With the help of Papoose #2 crawling into the tiny crawl space under the unit and cleaning it out and doing some other things for me, we finally had a cooler home to sleep in later by about 10:30pm or so.  Our A/C unit is the most jacked up poorly designed thing in the history of the world.  Piece of crap.  At least it's limping along for now. Thank God.

Worked at both stores yesterday, first at Euless then headed over to Grapevine to unwrap chairs, move tables and just generally start setting everything up.  We will be opening Wednesday.  Finally.  Yay!

Wednesday is also Papoose #1s 19th birthday.  I have no money to buy her anything, and she has to work till 9pm that night, so I am at a loss as to what to do for her.  She's so far away, I can't even drive out there just to see her at work.  Idk.  Very sad times right now.  Darkest before the dawn, I hope???????????

Got up early Saturday to go help my friends haul hay. That is a sucky job and I hate it more every time I have to do it.  The older I get, the more I 'sling' the bales around to get them where I want them, so I end up more sore every time.  I know better, but man it's a beating and I tear myself up every time.  We got out early, but still, by the time we got it out of the field, in the trucks, back to the farm and stacked in the different barns, we  were beat.  I am still so sore, esp my lower back, from slinging the hay sideways like I know I shouldn't.  Dummy.

This nonstop heat is kicking my ass and making me incredibly cranky.  I'm so sick of it.  When do I get to move to Tahoe again??????????????????????????????????????

MW announced Sunday morning while I was folding laundry and he was playing his killing games, that he had to break the news to some Kathy chick at one of his customers that he is married.  I asked him why the heck he would bother doing that, and to take her out for God sake, if that's what he wants to do.  He said nah, he'll screw around with her, but is liking the whole "married" card keeping him from having to actually have a relationship or put too much effort out there to woo them or be forced to spend a lot of quality time with them.  Wow.

Yes, my life is bizarre.

T-8 days till my house is auctioned off if I can't do something to stop it.  Somebody shoot me.  I'm too chicken shit to.

Do people actually make any money with the Snap On business anymore??  Sure doesn't seem like they would.  I only ask because the payroll wench here at Job #1 had to buy her boyfriend a Snap On truck after the idiot quit his regular job, just so he would have a job and she wouldn't have to be embarrassed around her friends and family about it anymore.....

So, since we will have so many stores, etc., the guys have rented an office from the office pod behind the Euless store, so they have somewhere to go and actually get some work done without being interrupted by every little thing that the managers on duty should be handling.  Well, every so often, The Real Deal and I will sneak over there for a little quiet time.  It's fun.  Adds a little young life to our hectic nothing but work and stress lives we live.  Anyhow, yesterday TRD's Brother/Business Partner walked in.  There is a main front lobby, then you go down a hall where there is a door to the big garage bay that belongs to the office space on one side and a restroom on the other side, then you get to the back where there are two big offices.  Of ALLLLL those doors, he heads straight into TRD's office where, had he shown up about 30 seconds earlier, he would have been murdered for interrupting a SUPER good time.  Haha.  The funniest part about it was, Brother says "Oh man, don't even worry about it, Pop's caught 'wife' and I doing the same thing in MY office last week"!!  I was like boys, we are a twisted group of people.  Hhahahahahahahahaa.

Well, have to pop some more advil for the stress headache and sore muscles, and get to work.


  1. ah the excitement of sneaking in some sex... love it!! some how it makes the sex so much more thrilling... LOL

    nice to hear the new store is opening soon! i know how much hard work you guys have put into it and it's finally going to pay off... woot!

    i hate that you may lose your home... that is awful... awful ... if only i'd won the lottery this weekend... dammit

  2. I think I just figured out where you work.


  3. If you have, pm me, please do not post anything like that on here. Too many fucktards about.

  4. How in the hell do I PM you? Just because I think I know where you work doesn't mean I know how to PM you.

    PS, I can't post anything without your approval, fucktard! ;)