Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boring Crap

A flea jumped on me this morning.  Now I have one hellacious case of the heebie jeebie creepy crawlies.

So the tires and wheels are ordered.  Ouch.  But I am not rolling on cracked rims.  No thank you.  And no, it's not something I did to the wheels.  The cracks are older, you can tell.  Sumbitch.

I have some, uh, 'interesting' anons that comment on here.  No, not everything gets posted.

I think I may have a line on the money I need for the house.  It's not gonna be pretty, but at least it'll get the dogs off my back once I make it through the next 6 months.

TRD said he will help me out as much as he can too.  Thank God the second store is opening soon.  I will also be working seven days a week at the two stores again.  No more lazy woman with a day off anymore.  I've grown rather fond of my day off, too.   Shame on my lazy ass.

The check engine light came on on Mister Wonderfuls Cobra this morning.  The other day when we were on our way back from tire shopping there was a weird noise like we ran something over in the road, but we didn't see anything, and at the time the car seemed to still be running fine.  Now this morning the light of death comes on.  So idk what's wrong with it.  That car goes down and we're screwed.  That's the last thing we need.

My dear friends showed up at our house Friday night with a miniature jack donkey.  You know you are dear and close friends when you feel ok with just rolling up in someones front yard and unloading a donkey without even asking first.  That fucking thing is LOUD.  I told them last night that I am not too sure he will be able to stay at our place.  I guess since they have like 40 show horses, it doesn't seem like a really big deal for me to have ONE in my back yard.  But it IS a big deal.  Especially a noisy fellow like Jorge is.  Cute as a bug though, have to admit that.  Nobody had handled him or anything, and whenever we went to the farm, Papoose #2 made it her project to play with him and teach him to take a halter and to lead and everything.  So the gals showed up to give him to Papoose #2.  *sigh*

It's open enrollment time for our insurance here at Job #1.  I am in charge of all of that.  We've all done it enough now that it's really pretty easy to manage, but it was such a cluster fuck the first couple of years that I still just automatically get stressed out just thinking about jumping into it.  Can you believe that our boss still even offers insurance in this day and age, and in this small of a company??  We only have like 28 employees, total.  Plus, he pays 100% of the medical insurance for employee only.  The only thing the guys have to pay is if they put their wife or kids on it.  Bossman is a good guy in a lot of ways, that's for sure.

We have changed the pugs name.  We've been calling him Roscoe, but as we've gotten to know him, it just didn't fit for some reason.  His name is now Louie.  Louie is a dang cool dog.  I take him to the farm every time I go.  He thinks he is a farm dog.  We have to really watch him, because he fears nothing.

I'm going to take over the world!!  
I ROCK the doggles, bitches!!! 

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