Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bitching Like The Sissy That I Am

Somehow the alarm got turned off.  I usually wake up before my alarm, but for some reason I didn't do so this morning.  So I wake myself up snoring, flat on my back, fifteen minutes before I have to leave for work.

I jump out of bed, fall over my purse, which is sitting on the rug right beside my bed for some unknown reason, race to the bathroom and throw contacts into eyes that aren't even awake yet, much less lubricated enough for plastic disks to be shoved in them.  Bang my fangs and run through the house throwing on clothes and opening kennels for the dogs to go outside while I race around spackling makeup on my face with one hand while chugging coffee with the other hand and crawling around my closet looking for my other flip flop.

Bring the dogs back in and throw them in the kennel with some food and water, trip over a cat heading for the front door and knock over the stupid foo foo decorator thingie in the entryway, which lands on the other cat who takes off like a shot and burms off of my capri clad leg and down the hallway.

Race to the school to pick Papoose #2 up from track practice (Mister Wonderful had dropped her off earlier) and realize that today is registration day for her grade.  Call work to warn them I'll be late and head in to do battle with the registrar.  Entire process went incredibly smooth, nothing like last years chaos.  I am suspicious.

Get to work and there is yelling and throwing of files.  I am spotted as a likely target of abuse for someone not finding what they are looking for and all hell breaks loose.  I finally take all I can of it and share with the owner of the company my all time favorite 'piss Mister Wonderful off' phrase:  "WHATEVER!!!!!!" and stomp out of the office.  Entire office goes stone silent.  I wonder if I will soon be lightened of one job.

I get a call from The Real Deal.  There is an item that his brother and business partner was all hot and bothered for me to find and purchase a month ago, only to blow me off and ignore the whole thing for a month until today when "It has to be shipped NOW".  The whole deal was for their dad to pick the item up in Arizona, since he was going to be there.  I call the guy with the item and he's pissed off that we've blown him off for a month.  Evidently he'd called my old phone (that died) several times, that phone was replaced a couple days after I had done business with him.  He never bothered to email me when he was unable to get me by phone.  So he assumes we've changed our minds and puts it back up for sale.  I finally calm him down enough to listen to me and find out that the payment never went through because he gave me the wrong PayPal account.  So my money came out of my bank account but is sitting in a nonexistent PayPal account and this guy still doesn't have his money.  Says oh sorry, here's my girlfriends number, call and get the correct acct number from her.  So I have to pay for this thing out of my own pocket now and fight PayPal to get the first payment back from them.  Plus, the guy is so irritated with the whole thing (even tho the payment part was his fault/mistake to begin with) that he refuses to handle the shipping of the damn thing.  So I've been on the phone off and on all day trying to set up the shipping.  Oh vey.

Oh, and TRD and I had it out about his brother being an idiot and making me look like a fool to this businessman by taking off on vacation and blowing off picking this thing up and finishing the deal. So theres that, too.  This is not the first time Brother of TRD has pulled this crap.  Lord I could slap him.  I told them both they can do their own research and shopping, I've had it.  Same shit every time.  Screw that.

Then, I call the mortgage company to get the actual amount I have to come up with to save the house from this debacle and they only had the actual through August 1st.  So now I have to call back Friday to find out the actual, again.  Still no way to come up with the money though, I fear.

I know my issues are small potatoes compared to what a lot of people have to deal with, but they are MY issues, and my life is a screaming train wreck right now and I'm exhausted and stressed out to the max.

Bossman has been in here trying to make nice though, realizing what a prick he was being earlier.  So I guess  I don't have to worry about being down to one job.  That's a good thing.  I live to 'Whatever' another day.

And now I'm loathe to look forward to the horse show this weekend, because the money I was going to spend doing that is now going to pay for that piece of equipment A SECOND TIME, yet I cannot back out of the show, because the dues and fees have been sent in already.  Plus, I can't let Papoose #2 and my show partners down.


And my boobs hurt really really bad for some reason. Thats irritating.

And this weather makes me want to kill someone.

I want my mommy.


  1. Sounds like you're dealing with a lot of shit at the moment.

    I'll just sit over here quietly [looks around nervously].

  2. Somebody needs a huggggg...or a punching dummy! I hope things get better for you.

  3. repeat after me: "sorry I wish I could help but no can do."

    people who take advantage and then hassle you need tot ake their entitlement to a stinky, smelly, shit runeth over outhouse and get locked in for a week.

    more hugs to you.

    p.s. i hate oversleeping and that crazy rush that starts the day.