Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Are Welcome :-)


  1. John Denver was my first introduction to the guitar. My parents had that exact album. The first concert I ever went to [with my parents] was John Denver at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. The Starland Vocal Band opened up for him ~ Afternoon Delight. I actually used to have an autographed photo of him.

    I have no problem with JD being stuck in my head. I was singing a song of his to my little girl the other day.

  2. Jar, I remember you commenting something about that when I posted a song of his previously. I too love John Denver and his voice and songs remind me of different things from when I was young. Admittedly, his was one of the only celebrity deaths that saddened me. I remember standing in the bathroom, was doing my hair for work,when I heard it on the radio and was incredibly sad. My mother loved him, and his music always reminded me of her when she was at her best.