Friday, May 13, 2011

Peanut On A String

I've been busy 24/7 of this past week caring for a little three week old kitten that was orphaned.  Taking him everywhere with me because he needs constant care.  Fighting with the vets over the past week on numerous visits about them not giving him antibiotics and just telling me 'he's weak from being orphaned and left alone, just feed him and keep him warm. Now, today, when he is so bad that they think he's not going to make it, they decide 'Oh my!!!  He is very very sick, we need to give him antibiotics!!!'  Now that it may be too late.

Kathleen, he is currently at the vets.  I marched in there at 11:30am with a "YOU WILL DO SOMETHING FOR THIS LITTLE BABY AND QUIT LEAVING HIM TO SUFFER OR I WILL RAISE HOLY HELL ON YOU" attitude, insisted on seeing a different doc than I've had on previous visits, and went all crazy bitch on them.  I will pick him up after work.  I will get a picture of him then.  So far I've put off taking a pic of him because he's just been so down, not wanting to jostle or flash him.  But I fear that the time is now or never if I want a picture of him.   Tonight when I get him home.

Frustrating and sad day.

We shall see, we shall see.


  1. That just pains me to read.....sometimes I think vets see so many animals on the brink of death, they turn the longtime cat of 15 years was hit by a car and thrown out of the wheel well. In short, I was advised to put her down because she'd never walk again, eliminate on her own, etc. I refused to write her off that quickly. After some care, medication and prayer, she got back up and hit her litter box. I had her for another 10+ years.

    I SO HOPE and PRAY that little Peanut will pull through....he's You and your Friends. xo

  2. oh my ... how sad is this!! i hate that animals get abandoned and sick and discarded... bless you for taking this creature in and loving her... and the lack of compassion that so many have for animals just makes me ill... glad you are the type of woman that can go all bitch on them and get things done!! you go woman!

    we're in rockport visiting mom this weekend.... woot! i'm a bit absent on the blogs & email... but i will return!