Friday, May 20, 2011

Nothing Much Friday

The on medicine the doc has me on makes me so incredibly sleep that I started taking it before bed last night, instead of in the morning like the directions say to.  Only problem is, I was still wiped out when it was time to roll out of bed this morning.  Maybe take it earlier in the evening?  Idk, but part of depression is being exhausted all the time and wanting to sleep, so a medicine that makes me even more like that doesn't seem to be the way to go, no?  Plus, if the other side affect turns out to be permanent instead of temporary, this stuff is DOWN THE ROAD and we will be trying a different one.  Squaw doesn't play the no "O" game!!!  Uh uh, noooo way!!

It's so humid and sticky that my arms are sticking to the desk.  That is gross.  All the papers on my desk are limp.  I'm going to turn the dehumidifier on.  Ugh.

I had to work late on Monday to get some stuff done for my boss.  I am curious to see if the bosses sister, the bookkeeper who keeps screwing me out of time on my check, actually pays me for it.  If she doesn't, I will be going in and raising hell with my boss, the owner.  Count on that.

Papoose #2 and I had a mother daughter date last night.  When I met her in town at GoGo's she had an armful of flowers she bought me at the local florist.  They are gorgeous!!  I meant to take a pic of them to post on here and forgot to do that darn it!!  Then we strapped the feed bag on at GoGo's and sat there and visited and talked and really had a good time.  Papoose #2 was getting a kick out of how the male waiter kept kissing up to me and shmoozing it up, directing all conversation to me.  She says "Boy is he going to be surprised when he sees that I'm the one paying, heehee"  And she was right, he was flustered that he had lavished all that kissing up on me, when she was the one with the tip in her pocket.  We had a good giggle on that.  After dinner we went to watch the choir concert a couple of her friends were performing at.  Very enjoyable.  Then, towards the end, one of the girls dedicated a song she was going to sing to her sister who had died at the beginning of the year of a drug overdose.  Papoose #2 made it through the song, but right afterwards she asked if we could leave.  She said she was so upset by the girls pain, and she misses Papoose #1 so much and worries about her all the time and hates her being gone and never getting to see her.  Poor kid.  Papoose #1 has always been basically a second mother to Papoose #2, as we made our way through life.  They are incredibly close, and this seemingly sudden separation has been harder on both of them than they ever imagined it would, I think.

The jalopy was going crazy in the rain this morning. I have GOT to get that temperature sensor replaced.  Hal is going to kill me, cutting the a/c off like he does.  Ugh.  I spend more time talking to that car.  Talking sweet, cussing, cajoling, begging him to just PLEASE for the love of all that's holy, let me use the a/c!!!  Hahahaha

I love love love a good storm.  But I feel guilty about that, thinking of the people that have to work out in it.

Papoose #1 actually said this phrase in a text conversation we had yesterday "I can't wait to make you a grandma, I've got baby fever like you wouldn't believe"  Uh.  Ummm.  Uhhhhh.  Let's keep our eye on the prize kid, and remember those priorities we have worked on for 18 years, eh?

Enough nonsense.  Have a great Friday, all.


  1. i'm taking notes and sending them to you tonight!! nothing is permanent... these side effects will let up in a few weeks... stick with it... the meds help in so many other ways that it may be worth it to ride this to speak... ;)

    give poose 2 a hug from coach & i... sweet girl! and no babies! tell her if she has baby fever that bad, i'm sure my kid wouldn't mind lending her 2 or 3 for a few days... that'll cure that fever for sure! ha!

  2. Haha, it was Papoose #1 that has baby fever, not the younger one. But I'll pass along the borrowed baby theory anyhow, haha. Considering she gets ticked off if she's home and my dog wakes her up, I don't see a baby in her near future. Little turkey.

    And thanks for the Cliffs Notes heehee. Funny!!! I will stick with the meds at least a few months to see if they're working well enough to keep on, or if we need to adjust to a different one.

  3. i'm sure the adoring crowd here will love to hear of the continuing saga of medication side effects lol

    i totally effed up #1 and #2...but you are right...the theory works well on all young ladies hahaha

    happy friday my friend!