Friday, June 10, 2011


I see that there is a anonymous coward coming out of the woodwork bashing me on this blog and others.  Bring it on, asshole.  I'm quite sure you are the one that can't grab your sack and post under your name.  Come on, at least make up a public persona so people can track who the idiot du jour is. Posting comments Anon takes all of the fun out of it for the spectators.  Pathetic little weasel.

Rest assured that any shitty comment you send to me I WILL post for you.  If that's the only way your sorry little pecker can get off, knock yourself out.  Here's the KY and a kleenex.  Loser.

I'd like to thank the academy......wait, it does mean something, that my little old blog and comments have managed to rile someone up enough for them to actually take the time to post ugly derogatory comments about me, right??  *giggle*

And honey, my online persona may be a little trashy, but I am in no way trash, never have been, never will be.  I am quite sure that in real life I carry more class and intelligence in my little finger than you will ever dream of acquiring.   

Maybe someday you can wash my car for me or something, maybe mow my lawn or clean my pool.

YOU need therapy.  Shoot me an email and I'll send you a schedule, we can carpool.

Bless your heart.


  1. It upsets me when people live behind a screen to put others down. People like that are baby souls and have just started their journey here on this planet. We have all been baby souls and we have to do our best by leading by loving, patient examples. Your words to this person are perfect.

    Keep being strong. :-)

  2. hahahaha you go squaw friend! you know we got your back... i bet even Jar will vouch for you... not that you need anyone to vouch for you lol

    you are one of the classiest people i know...

    so there

  3. LMFBO......I do hope you forwarded the email to Sherri. She will get a kick out of it........jelly roll, bahaha!

  4. Anons are pussies. 'Nuff said.