Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect Ponys, Loving Labs, and Almost Being Fired By Your Lover

I am so freaking sick and tired of these asshole spammers hacking my f*cking email account and sending spam and malware bullshit to everyone in my address book.  Makes me want to wring someones neck.  I mean, who GAINS from that?? What kind of loser no life piece of shit gets off on creating that crap, just to jack everyone up?  F*cking bullshit!!!!!   That email address is the one I use for business contacts, family, things like that.  It couldn't even be the bullshit one I have that I use when I buy or sell stuff or things like that.  Seriously?  FML!!!!!

So, I had a FABULOUS weekend!!!  Took Saturday off and went to Oklahoma with my friend to pick up my new pony.  He is fantastic!!!!   Amazing amazing horsie!!  And the cart and harness he came with are super duper quality.  All in all, this free horse was an incredible investment.  I can't believe what a great score this turned out to be!!  Did lots of inspecting, measuring and playing around to see what he can/is willing to do.  Then went and worked him in the round pen yesterday after I got off of work.  Gonna be an incredible little horse to have around for many many more years.  He is younger than the lady thought, too.  Yay for me!!

I can't believe that all those girls on facebook don't realize how ridiculous they look pulling the duck lips in EVERY damn picture they take of themselves.  And really girls, are you incapable of taking your photo anywhere but the BATHROOM?  Seriously, what is that all about???  And the guys....come on dudes, stop trying to look so 'cool' or 'tough', all you manage to do is make yourselves look like idiots.  Ugh.  I wish there was a nice way to let these kids know how silly they look, without hurting their feelings.  Oh well, I guess my facebook page will just have that goofiness on it.  They are all good kids, so there is that.

Papoose #2 is officially in first car shopping mode.   Lord have mercy.  That kid is bound and determined to find something reliable and good on gas that she can save her money and buy so she won't have a payment, and the insurance will be lower.  And when that girl puts her mind to something, she gets it done!!  It is fun watching her doing all of this.  What a card that one is.

I hit another armadillo on my way home from the farm last night.  This time Papoose #2 was with me.  It made her cry.  I felt awful  :-(    I'm a murderer, again.

I almost got fired by The Real Deal yesterday.  One of the cooks was ripping my ass about sending back an order wrong, and I was explaining to him (he is also a manager, so the bastard should KNOW better) that, in fact, I sent the order back exactly as it should have been, but he is a know it all never wrong idiot asshole and wouldn't stop talking long enough to hear what I was saying.  TRD walks up during this and tries to interject to the other manager/cook that yes, the order was indeed sent back correctly, but the cook was on a roll by then and not hearing anything.  Finally he turns and throws the entire plate into the trash can and stomps back into the kitchen.  I double barreled him.  Yep, gave him the ol' middle finger salute in stereo.  Told him he was number one, with both hands.  TRD yells "WTF ARE YOU DOING??? I CAN'T HAVE YOU BEHAVING LIKE THAT!!!"  I even shocked myself.  I have no idea where that came from.  But of course, even though by that point I WAS in the wrong for that part of it, did I back down and apologize?  Nope.  My dumb ass pitches a fit till I had myself nearly fired.  I have no earthly idea where that came from.  Boy was it a tense afternoon.  He chose to send me on break to cool off, instead of sending me home.  Interesting part of this is, another manager, who happens to only be 19 years old, decided to come sit where I am at 'cooling off' and proceed to tell me that I have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.  Really dude???? Seriously???  THANK GOD you shared that little life lesson with me, because at 42 years old, I had no f*cking idea I was held to the same standards as the rest of the world!!!  TRD walked up as that gem was being shared and interjected that I KNOW damn well how to conduct myself, and have been doing so perfectly for 42 years thank you very much, and to please leave me alone to cool off before someone was hospitalized.

It was a funny day.  Hehe.

I roasted a chicken Saturday night when I got home.  Mister Wonderful was supposed to be picking Papoose #2 up from Job #2 and coming home by 7.  Well, he had gone to the Rangers game with his BestFriend and BestFriendsWife (they are the ones pregnant with the baby with down syndrome, sweet baby boy), which is why he was in the neighborhood to pick Pap #2 up for me.  He told me they'd be home for dinner, but since he had his buddy with him, they sat up at Job #2 and visited and had a couple drinks and didn't show up at home till about 10pm.   While I am glad he had a nice visit with his BestFriend, I was a little miffed that I ended up eating alone once it was obvious they weren't going to show up, then putting the food away and going to bed.    Then I come home from work via the farm last night and MW is sitting on the couch with the WHOLE F*CKING CHICKEN in front of him on a plate, going to town.  I'm not sure what look I may have had on my face, but he says "great, you are gone all day then you come home and immediately start bitching at me!!!"  Huh?   Get after it, caveman, do yo' thang!!  Sheesh.  Haha.

Oh, also last night.  Evidently MW volunteered to dogsit BestFriends psycho untrained Lab for him while he and his wife go to Mexico for a wedding.  They will be gone almost two weeks.  That's not a wedding, that's a freaking vacation!!!   But he is always crying poverty to MW, so he says "we are going down for my sister in laws wedding" again dude, two weeks counts as a vacation. Just sayin.  So now, the dog gets dropped off on Sunday, so of course it's up to Papoose #2 and I to take care of him, as MW won't lift a finger.  The thing is completely psychotic.  You can't leave him in the yard, he tears EVERYTHING up and barks his fool head off.  You can't leave him in the house because he is in no way house trained, pisses everywhere and tears everything up.  He doesn't walk on a leash, so taking him outside is a nightmare.  Anyhow.  Demon doggie, and I've been pimped out to take care of him.  Yay.  Thing is, MW is the one that will get the credit for being such a great guy and watching the dog for him.  Oh well. Whatever.  When I was putting them out in the yard this morning, Demon Dog jumped on me and nearly knocked me over.  LabPup knocked him on his ass and stood over him growling at him and being dominant.  It was greatness.  Demon Dog didn't jump again after that.  I have like the coolest dog ever  ;-)

Ok.  Have to work now.  Oh, and print out the paperwork to send in to start Parent Taught Drivers Ed for Papoose #2.  Who's excited????????   Heheheee.


  1. Why do you say "f*cking" 5 or 6 times then actually use "fucking" later in the post?

    We're all adults here. F*cking isn't any more or less offensive than spelling out the whole word.

    Never understood that. The best is ATC's "LMFBO." you can abbreviate "fucking" but not "ass"?

    That fucking makes me laugh every fucking time.


  2. I guess it just depends on how fucking irritated I am and how fucking closely I'm paying attention to what I'm typing fucking Jar!!!! Ass. Haha. Did you have anything constructive to add to the post? No? Goofball.


    Carry on, pumpkin ;-)

  3. You went back and edited, didn't you? I can't find the "fucking" I was referring to in my prior comment. Should have done a screen grab before I commented.

    It's still okay to spell it out.

  4. It's ok Jar, that whole mental clarity thing happens to all of us when we get up in years ;-)


    I can't hardly wait on Monday to arrive to hear about your weekend adventures. I always either LMBO or CMEO. I'm so glad you like that little midget horse, he is kinda cute. You need to take me on a ride someday. I've never ridden in a cart. Will that thing even hold my FB?
    Stevie Nicks version of Landslide has to rate in the top 10, maybe top 5 of my all time favorite songs. The Dixie Chicks version is good. The vocals are outstanding, the music doesn't compare to the original. The video is very creative and there is something about a longhaired, pregnant brunette in a white dress that is sexy as hell. She is smokin hot!
    Right or wrong, yes you should have been nicer to the manager. We've discussed this before, but hey, according to a poll I once read, females think they are right all the time...... ;-)
    TBOYNTJCTHO = the both of you need to just chill the heck out

  6. -Funny Corner!!!!
    -Yes, Midget Horse can totally haul both of us around, haha.
    -I like the Stevie Nicks version too, but was in the mood for the music in this one today.
    -That manager in all actuality works for ME, as an owner, so I feel I was pretty damn nice, but yeah, letting him get to me till I flipped the bird was notagood.
    -Jar is a fucking hoot, isn't he? Punkin head. *snark*