Friday, June 24, 2011

Mama Has A Day Off Of Work This Week!!!!

I knew you guys would come up with some fabulous names to choose from for the newest addition to the tepee!!!!!!  You guys rock!!  I'm loving it, seriously!!

Ok, so I live outside of town, at the very edge of  Wise County.  One of the towns I roll through to get to the ranch my good friends own is Reno, population like 2500 or so, if that.  They have one police officer I think.  He will give you a ticket.  He is not a warning kinda guy.  Anyhow, he evidently made the news on a pretty big scale because he is currently laid up recuperating from a gunshot wound.  To his pinkie. That he did to himself.  Checking out his brand new hand gun.  There just isn't anywhere I can go with that but to giggle.  Glad he is ok, but damn dude!!    Don't think I won't give you hell about that the next time you pull me over by the church on my way through man!!!  I mean hell, you're gonna give me a ticket anyway, right??

Was stuck behind a guy in a brand spanking new white massive chevy something or other this morning.  He went 45 all the way down 730, then 45 all the way down 114 too.  Even the guy in the lowrider was getting pissed off at him.  Things kept happening to where none of us could get around the goofball too.  He must really think he is number one today, with all the one finger salutes he was getting by everyone once they could get around him.  I had to laugh, it was priceless.

Another odd thing this morning on the way to work.  The car ahead of me ran over a giant turkey leg bone or something, and it was rolling down the road in the same direction of travel as my lane.  It was a very strange feeling to be following a turkey leg down the road.

I poached some cod fillets in chardonnay last night.  That was the most amazing fish I have ever made.  It was absolutely out of this world.  Thanks for the wine suggestion, Kathleen!!!

Getting pretty super stoked about going to pick up his highness tomorrow.  I love me a road trip.  A road trip to pick up a horsie is just out of this world exciting!!!

All of those names are so good, I can't decide.  What a fun dilemma  :-)

Got my hair cut last night.  She just didn't take enough off and shape it up like I had hoped for last time, so when I called to talk to her about it she said come on in after work and we will fix you up.  So I did.  And she did.  She is an absolute peach.  And talented!!!  That girl knows her stuff.  She wants to put extensions in my hair, to add volume.  She's so funny.  I am INCREDIBLY happy with my hair now.  It's fun to feel good about yourself.

My kitties are getting so big!  I switched them from Taste Of The Wild to Blue Buffalo and they've sprouted up!  Their coats are already better too.  I love the Taste Of The Wild for LabPup, and will most likely keep him on it, but for the cats, Blue Buffalo can't be beat.  There is absolutely no smell to their litter box when they are on it either.  Between the food and the World's Best Cat Litter I use, it's totally manageable to have two cats in the house.

Moses is a sweetie pie snuggler.  Total lover boy.  Gracie is hell on wheels.  She is a holy terror.  They are so much fun.  So glad LabPup doesn't try to eat them so much anymore  :-)

Papoose #1 is a little miffed.  Seems that the kitty she took home keeps peeing on her clothes.  That's not good.  But I guess it will keep her picking up her clothes, haha.  Seriously though, we may need to talk to the vet about that boy.  That's unacceptable behavior.

Coworker and I just made a few of us some McMoobie muffins.  Yummmy!!

Note to self:  Check that the pepper shaker isn't opened to the pour spout before using it on your McMoobie muffin.  Whew.  :p

I am going to thoroughly enjoy being a grandma someday.

It's Friday!!!!  I am actually excited about it being Friday for once, because I am spoiled and don't have to work tomorrow.  I get to goof off and have a horsie road trip!!!  I'm a lucky Squaw!

Life is good.

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  1. Smirking at the police officer that shot his pinkie. I mean really!

    Looking forward to see more pictures of your new addition!