Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Day, Smile Firmly In Place

Good morning, all.  Got some much needed rest last night and have found my smile again.

F*ck the bastard!!!!

Man, I almost made some bad decisions last night.....not yet, not yet......

My eyes are killing me in these crusty old contacts!!!!   Dear Friend works for a great eye doc and will fit me in today for an exam and to get some new contacts till I can afford to replace the missing lense in my glasses, but I have a guy from Oshcon here at Job #1 today and can't take off till he's done dicking around.  Going to be a few more hours, at least.  The guy likes to hear himself talk WAY too much.  Ugh.

Dealt with a venting phone call from MW this morning, on my way to take Papoose #2 to school.  Seems in the transfer of one company to another on his car payment, they misplaced some payment history and it's showing he owes twice as much on his car as he should.  Called me wanting me to do the dirty work and make all the calls and fight the fight to get it corrected.  Uh, buddy???  You don't pick and choose what wifely duties you want me to perform.  He has always seen it as no problem for me to have to make personal calls from my work and handle personal business, and sees it that he's much too busy and can't be making personal calls from his work.  His work has always been so much more important in his eyes.  And yet, when he's out driving around seeing customers or on route, he has that phone glued to his ear, for his own entertainment purposes.  I told him he was more than capable of handling his own phone calls, thank you very much.  The days of me playing step and fetch it for him are long gone.

Go me.

The Real Deal's mother is a big uppy up in Mary Kay.  Has been driving a brand new pink cadillac for years and years.  Evidently they are having some kind of contest for biggest change on before and after pictures on their makeover thing they do.  I have been volunteered.  Being blond with light colored lashes etc, there is a HUGE difference between me with makeup, and me without makeup, and she has seen that.  Ugh.  I'm not a froofroo girl.  Ah well, it will be fun I hope, and she needed a good victim.  So that's where I will be after work today.

There has been a gnat in my office all this week.  Irritating little bastard comes and goes, but wants to buzz my face, and when I'm swiping at it trying to kill it, someone ALWAYS happens to walk by my office door.  They already knew I was certifiable, but now they are beginning to show a little of what I can only describe as fear in their eyes.

I have a super clean and very roomy fridge and freezer right now.  Silver linings and bright sides of everything, and all that.

I can't wait till I can afford laser hair removal in some key areas.  Genius.

Our President really irritates me.  He is such an arrogant prick.  And his lips look like pieces of liver, and gross me out to no end.

Thank God year end is pretty much over around here.  I thought everyone was going to kill each other off this year.

Papoose #2 went to the service last night for her friend that died over the weekend.  Tough tough experience for a kid.  Sweet girl.

I sure wish the old chinese restaurant was still in Decatur.  That's where I have to go for my eye exam today.  Sure could go for their yummy chicken fried rice.  Boohoo.

Ok, gotta work.  


  1. Our old neighbors in Decatur called that Chinese place "Ding Dong Dirty's."