Friday, April 1, 2011

Beer Makes Me Sing

At Job #2 we sell different beers, among other adult beverages.  One of the beers we sell is Blue Moon.  The yuppies drink it with a slice of orange in it.  If you do not have the oranges for them, they have little sissified melt downs.  Anyhow, every single time I draw a Blue Moon for a customer, that song gets stuck in my head.  For some reason, thinking about working this weekend made me think of that, which made me start singing the song in my head, which led me to thinking about An American Werewolf In London.  By the time I made it over to Youtube, I decided on posting Bad Moon On The Rise though.  Rockin'.   Yeah, that is how my mind works.

Have taken meds, hair is beginning to itch.

Speaking of my brain.  When I was at the bank Wednesday, I was filling out the deposit slip and got halfway through my address and couldn't for the life of me remember what my damn road number was. I mean, I sat there for a full minute, until I finally pulled out my drivers license and got the number off of it.  Who, other than toddlers and the very senile, forgets where the hell they live???  I have lived there for like 6 years!!!!  Wth???

This is funny!!  From now on, I'm writing that on my grocery list whenever we need cereal.  Heehee

Oh no!!!  With the issues I have with my knees and hips, I hope I don't just decide to sit down one day and never get up again!!!  If I miss more than a couple days of blogging, someone come looking for me, ok???

I think this is a prime example of some of the damage and corruption that Mister Corner referred to yesterday. Absolutely appalling.  The entire world is losing touch with reality.  Horrific.

Uh oh, somebody wasn't wearing their rain coat!!!!!

Omg!!!  I totally need one of these to lock Mister Wonderful in!!!  Holy crap!!!  That, a cold beer and a lawn chair, and I would be one entertained Squaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only person that has many issues they cannot decide WHAT their stance is on??  Like abortion, capital punishment, etc?

One thing I am sure of my stance on is overly extended unemployment benefits and welfare.  I am very very certain of my stance on that horse shit.

Speaking of unemployment, my sorry hide better get back to work!!!


  1. Blue Moon with a orange is my favorite. Do I throw a bitch fit when there is no orange? Hell yeah. Why, because one of the ingredients is orange peel!! It brings out the fucking flavor!

    What I don't understand is sissy ass bitches who add salt to their fucking beer. What is the point in that?! I've read different reasons as to why people USED to add salt to their beer but none to support as to why sissy bitches do it now.

  2. I say double fuck any establishment that has Blue Moon but doesn't keep like a bushel of oranges on hand.

    Same can be said for any bar that has rum and no mint for Mojitos.

    Damn that pisses me off.

  3. P.S. - as to your moral conundrum on the abortion and capital punishment issues, I refer you to the Fifth Commandment.

    That just about says it right there.

  4. Yeah yeah, ya bunch a ninnies!!!! We keep oranges for the girlie beer....just sometimes we run out. So, you are telling me that it's wrong to take a certain kind of satisfaction and joy out of telling the yupps I don't have an orange for them then?? HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Interesting point, Jar, on the Fifth Commandment...also interesting that, although we know you are a man of faith, we also know you are a soldier, always will be. Interesting that, of all three and a half of my readers, you would be the one to point to the Commandments on this.

    Not being snarky either, dead serious, very interesting.

  6. i'mwith you squaw friend... intersting....

    as for my stand... i find that the older i get the more my moral compass changes... however, i do believe that each person should have the right to choose for themselves what is right or wrong... who am i to tell someone that they can't do something...

    i am one of those wishy washy types that sits on the fence... sucks to have compassion for both sides of an argument...