Friday, April 22, 2011

Got Us Some Friday Goin On Up In Heah!!

The owners sister is also the bookkeeper here at Job #1.  She decided to make all of us here in the office a nice breakfast this morning, as a belated Secretary's Day celebration.  I thought that was awfully thoughtful, and I enjoyed it very much.

Have Easter off.  I'm not leaving the house.  At all.  I am going to be home all day for the first time in months.  Life is SO GOOD!!!

Mister Wonderfuls Best Friend got married in November of '10.  He married a gal he had only met three times. She was his dental hygienists sister.  He traveled to Mexico two times to spend time with her, and brought her up here to his home in Texas once.   The next time they saw each other, it was on the beach in Mexico to get married.   Since bringing her here, they have had their share of growing pains.  She had had one miscarriage before they got married.  Once they got married and she moved into his house as his wife.  She started practicing her wifely duty of getting pregnant again.  And learning how to use his credit cards.  And throwing a fit when he doesn't come straight home from work.  Or when he hits the strip clubs, one of his many favorite past times.  Tension ensued.....

Well, she finally ended up pregnant again, much to their joy.  But when they figured out the time frame of her becoming pregnant, they realized that she was a couple weeks pregnant when she had gotten the required immunizations to get her green card.  So they worry about the affects of the immunizations on the unborn baby.  They go to each monthly doctors appointment worried and waiting to hear good news.  Add to that, he is 41 and she is 43, and they have a few things to be concerned with.  Also, his penchant for hookers gave him the gift that keeps on giving a few years ago, which I understand can cause some issues too.  So each month we wait to hear news.   Evidently they got some blood work back yesterday that leads the doctors to believe the baby may have Downs Syndrome.  The doctor said that so little is still known about what causes it, they can't really pin point any one of their issues as the cause, but does it really matter?  I know they are confused and angry and worried and so many other things right now.  I keep praying for them, and for the baby.  All Best Friend has ever wanted was a family of his own.  He has always been incredibly good to my Papooses.  He is incredibly 'my way or the highway' when it comes to relationships though, so he has never really managed to have a long term relationship, much less marriage.  Now this late start at a family with so many draw backs/strikes against them.  With the fragile foundation their marriage already has, I worry about what this may mean for them, and for the sweet baby they are bringing into this world.

I'm so blessed to have my healthy Papooses.

Mr. Corner's  question of the day really got to me yesterday.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to keep this in mind at all times, and behave accordingly.

Gotta run for now.   You all be safe out there, and hug the peeps you love.


  1. bless that baby's soul.... having children is such an honor and the gift is often taken for granted... i hope that, whatever the outcome, these two grow into one another and become solid and loving parents... if the baby has a disability it is going to be all the more difficult...

    glad you got a good breakfast!! ha!

  2. so many stories we all have. So sad when people suffer and we often suffer by what we create ourselves. I will be thinking of them in my prayers and expecially for the little one soon to come into the world.