Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Found On Road Dead

My newest boss keeps throwing banana peels and other food stuff in the office trash cans.  We have become overrun with little gnats.  Nasty little suckers.  I'm afraid to even answer the phone and have to speak, because they keep buzzing my face and I don't want one to get in my mouth.  Gross.  The entertainment value for people passing my office and seeing me batting frantically at what appears to be nothing has got to be worth something though.

So, Mister Wonderful's car has been parked in the driveway with a jacked up catalytic converter for a few months now.  He has been driving my Explorer.  He blew my Explorer up last night.  Claims it was running fine and wasn't due for an oil change and had plenty of oil in it and was running just perfectly peachy then just STOPPED running in the middle of 287 on his way home last night.  Got it off the side of the road and it's life blood ran out all over the pavement.......

A friend towed it home.  MW had me buy him a 30 of Stones in payment for the tow.  How the f*ck do I end up the one dishing out the money on everything?

So MW wants me to get up at 4 to take him to work today.  I told him he needs to figure out a long term solution to this problem.  So he drives his Cobra in to work today and sends me a text that I need to call my mechanic and find out how much it will cost to get the catalytic converters fixed.  Told me to find someone to  buy the Explorer for 800.00.  For 20 years now I've been taking orders and expected to just make magic happen.  Life sure must be easy when you have someone to delegate every single shitty job in your life to.  

I just don't  know.

Papoose #2 just sent me a quick text asking how my day is going.  Said she knows I've been having a hard time lately and wanted to check on me.  I have awesome kids.

And he won't do a damn thing to see about what exactly happened to the Explorer, why it quit running, or what it would take to get it fixed.  That truck will sit there till I do all of that.

I am incredibly frustrated.

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