Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I'm Here Working, PAY ME

I'm so pissed off right now.  Just got my check for the week, and YET AGAIN I have been shorted.  The f**king bookkeeper here just randomly decides what she is going to pay everyone for.  It being a family run operation, and her a part of said family, complaining about this does absolutely no good, because she lives in her own little world and has never had to function in the real world where what she says doesn't mean law.

I could kill someone right now.  She gets paid a HUGE salary whether she is here or not, and she doesn't do very much when she IS here.  Works short hours, talks on the phone on personal calls allll the time, takes off for hours whenever she pleases and still gets paid assloads of money.

Then just shorts my paycheck???  EVERY damn week??????  This is pure nonsense.

Last Thursday, for example, I took 30 minutes.  Got charged for an HOUR.

On days I stay in, because I'm sorry Princess, but unlike the rest of the crew, I CANNOT afford to eat out every damn day, I still get docked a minimum of 15-30 minutes.

And no, I'm NOT interested in just getting in my damn car and GOING somewhere for an hour every day.  Even the thought of wasting that much gas every day is LUDICROUS.

As counter productive as it is, the very thing I feel like doing right now is walking the hell out the door.  No explanation, no nothing.

There are people here that take hour long lunches and only get docked for half an hour.  I know it because you can look right on the time cards and see that.

Then I get the opposite treatment???  Just going to pay me for whatever you FEEL like paying me??  Seriously?????

And to think, I've always taken great ownership of this company, and worked and given my best as such.

Fuck this, and fuck her.

Controlling Bitch!!!!!!!


  1. I thought you "Had Nuthin" today?
    Want me to come work her over like I did Whit?
    I'm on it if need be!!
    Bet Jar would come in from the lake to cover my back, them Marines work that way you know!

    I know it's frustrating dear, just trying to make you smile.... Hugs

  2. UGH! I used to hate it when my office "encouraged" people not to work through lunch. I was like you -- I didn't want or NEED to vacate the premises and go "out" to lunch! It was so frustrating....

    Have you tried talking to Madame Short A Lot?

  3. how can she decide how much you are going to be paid??? WTF! you mention time cards so there is no reason for her to say she didn't know how much you had worked... um, what other excuse can she come up with?

    hard when you count on your's not as if the worker bees of the world don't need the dough... damn... and since it's a family business i suppose you can't call "downtown" and let them know what's happened.... heck.... shit...

  4. i think you should call ATC and Jar... get this fixed... if they can't... i'll call dirtman for you ;)