Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love, Divorce & Pokin Holes Where It Counts

I love going to sleep deliriously happy and waking up the same way.  I spend a lot of time in wonderment that my life is so happy and serene nowadays.  I look around thinking "damn, this is real".

I do not wish it would have happened sooner.  I believe that everything had to happen just as it did, or I never would have been in the place to appreciate what I have now.  Everything happened just like it needed to.

Today is my anniversary.  Mister Wonderful sent me a happy anniversary text at 4:31a.m.  Of course, he was being a smart ass, but he did send it and made me sorta smile.  He has always been so good about remembering dates and occasions like that.

No, we are not divorced yet.  The whole bankruptcy thing is getting in the way.  We have to get PERMISSION to get divorced.  Till then, the divorce sits in the inactive docket thingie at the courts.  In order to get permission to get divorced, we have to pay our piece of shit worthless cunt of a joke for an excuse for a lawyer $650.00 to file one paper for us with the bankruptcy courts.  Then there is still no guarantee the trustee will 'allow' us to dissolve our marriage.  Really??  No wonder so many people try to kill each other.

Shit of it is, we could easily just pay off the br, it's that close to being done, but they will not allow us to do that.  They insist on taking a small amount of money out of MW's paycheck for like another 18 months, instead of letting us pay the mother fucking thing off and be done with it.  And to think, we were trying to do the right thing by doing the bankruptcy where you pay all of your debt back.  

A friend of mine just did the whole bankruptcy where you run up thousands of dollars in credit card and other debts and then just say oopsie, I don't want to pay this stuff off and they say ok, poof, you're out of debt.  Same fucking mark on her credit as our, but we've been getting fucked in the ass without the courtesy of a reach around for like four years now.  Pisses me the fuck off.

On to other news.

I am seriously considering getting a VCH piercing.  Exciting!!!

I am also going to get a tattoo.  One that Papoose #1 is designing for me.  It will be somewhere you don't see it when I have clothing on.  Probably on my side, towards my ribs.  Still debating the location.  It will be good.  It will different components representing the different people in my life.  It will be my story.

Have a wonderful day, all.

I'm out.


  1. I bought a leaky condo (it was brand new) and had to declare bankruptcy. It was a horrible time. And yes, it has made me really appreciate the good times.

  2. I was thinking about you last night and was thinking you had not blogged in a while. Hoping everything is OK.

  3. I recommend a hummingbird