Monday, December 13, 2010

Angry is NOT the way to start a blog.....

But that's how it is right now, so here we go. Hang on to your shorts, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hi.  I don't know if I will ever have anything to say that anyone wants to read, but right now I want to talk, and this seems like a great venue.

When I was going through the steps of setting up this here blog, I was in high spirits and excited to start something good.  By the time I actually got to the point of posting anything, my di*k of a husband had come home and ruined everything for the evening, including my mood.

Now, I am generally the most easy going person...well, alot of the that I'm old........and just don't have the attention span to be angry long or hold a grudge effectively....but I'm tellin you, that man makes me want to shoot him in the face.   But I digress......

So, I'm starting a blog. This shall be my therapy.  Thank you in advance to anyone that may stop by and read the crazy as* shi* that goes through my head.  Oh, and don't expect me to post every single day necessarily, because I'm kind of quiet sometimes, so I'm sorry in advance for that.  And don't expect me to be as talented or funny as alot of my blogging friends, because I just can't live up to those expectations, and that kind of steess upsets my stomach.

Ok, so tomorrow I will throw out a real post...tonight I'm doing well not to shoot the assho*e in the face, and I'm not asking any more of myself than that for the night.

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  1. Oh, I love The Angry Squaw!! ;-) And Blog Therapy is good therapy. And therapists always say, "Write it down!"

    I hate it when Husbands decide to be D*ckweeds during Christmas. Pfft.