Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho......

I was 20 minutes late to work today.  I HATE being late anywhere.  That is just about the only thing I am 'type A' about.  Just about the worst way for me to start my day, grrrrrrrr.

So, over the past couple of years I have had alot of stressful things going on, like so many people.  Nearly lost my house and jumped through some stressful, time consuming and quite maddening hoops in order to save it.  Marriage/divorce/maybe try to stay married drama.  A daughter I am incredibly close to graduating high school amidst all the chaos and leaving for college before I even had time to realize what was happening.  My 'baby' starting high school and floating further and further away from needing me........

Amongst all of this chaos, stress and disorder, I did the absolute LAST thing on earth I should have done.  I STOPPED WORKING OUT OR EXERSIZING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, AND I STARTED EATING MY STRESS AWAY.    You can see where I'm going with this.

So I know I need to take care of myself and get back into shape and back into the habit of eating whats good for my body instead of what sounds delish at the moment.  Enter major roadblock:  I HAVE ZERO WILLPOWER.  Zip, nada, nuthin.   Urg.   So, I now here I go working on getting my mind in the right place to straighten this whole train wreck out.  Lord have mercy.

Ok,  I'm off to make my good girl oatmeal.  No salt, sugar, butter or milk.  Yippeeeee!!!!!

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  1. As I'm thinking about pizza. Good post....I'll skip it now. :)