Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No matter how hard I try.....

Every year I promise myself I will have my sh*t together and be able to afford to shop early for my girls.  Every year I fail at that goal.  Makes me SO mad at myself.

I have yet to purchase one single Christmas gift for anyone in my life.  Hell, I don't even KNOW what my girls want anymore, they are so hard to buy for.  Plus, anything I DO know they would love is too darn expensive for me to be able to afford!!!

AND my feet are too big!!!!  Had an offer from my Dear Dear Friend this morning of some way awesome and amazing shoes that she bought a little to small for her......and my brutus size 9's won't even THINK of fitting in them.   Now thats a crummy way to start a day, the dream of new shoes, dashed before my very eyes.....hehe.  I love shoes  *dreamy far away look*

1 comment:

  1. Your Friend probably feels the same way about those shoes....;)