Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And Awayyyyy We Go!!!

My flight leaves DFW at 6am Thursday morning.  That means, if I am a good little traveler and plan to get to the airport two hours early like I am supposed to, I will have to leave my house by 3am to get to DFW by 4am. Considering I have to load a trailer and start the drive back to Texas as soon as I get off the plane, I am not sure if I may not just be a rebel and get to the airport one hour early instead.  Ugh.

I have SO much to do tomorrow evening before I go.  That is the only evening I have off, so I have a lot of chores to cram into a few hours.

All the lights have arrived for all of the decorations for the Parade of Lights we are doing in Ft. Worth the day after Turkey Day.  So excited!!!  All we are waiting for now are the batteries and inverters to arrive.  They are due to be delivered the end of this week.  I did all the ordering of everything so that we would all match for sure.  I have more lights and crap all over the place than you can shake a stick at.  Such fun!!

That new driving horse of mine is absolutely phenomenal.  What an incredible animal.  I'm having such fun with him.  I wish I had more time to work with him.  This Saturday only thing is making me crabby.

The Real Deal got me an early Christmas present  :-)   It's so pretty.  It's being sized right now.

The service engine light went out on the jalopy after I got gas a day or two after the light first came on.  I guess maybe the cap wasn't on all the way or something.   At least that's what I've been telling myself since it "fixed" itself.  Still going to take my Guardian Angel of All Things Jalopy's advice and have it run on the computer at the auto store though.  Just as soon as I have ten minutes to stop by.

Papoose #1 will be coming home for a semester.  Well, not technically 'home', but back to the DFW area.  She will be staying in The Real Deals extra room and getting some of her classes taken care of from a local campus before transferring down to A&M.  I think she needs the break to have time to be with family and work a good job and save some money up.  She has been hard at it for years now and has nearly burnt herself out.  As long as she's still going to school, I think she's making the right decision for her for right now.


I get so sick and tired of reading the horrific stories of all of the awful things people do to each other.  Especially the awful things people, nay PARENTS, do to their sweet trusting kids.  But I also feel terribly guilty if I turn my back and don't read about it.  So sad.

I love the holidays.  My favorite time of year, by far.  I love Christmas music.  I get really sick and tired of having to defend the fact that I like to listen to Christmas music.  Every year, I get bitched at for playing it.  This year, I'm not arguing the point.  Not one time, not to one person.  Makes me happy and reminds me of my mom.

The first time Mister Wonderful went Christmas shopping with my mother and I, we'd been dating about two months at the time, my mother and I spontaneously burst into song at the same time, singing the same Christmas carol in the parking lot of the Del Monte Mall in Monterey California where we lived.  I thought Mister Wonderful was going to sell his soul for the ground to open up and swallow him.  He used to be incredibly self conscious about things like that.  I've worn him down over the years hahaha.

The Christmas song we burst into top volume was Sleigh Ride.

It's going to be a long drive this weekend.  Looking forward to it, but man is it ever going to be a long drive.  Can't go into detail about the trip yet.  Sort of a covert ops thing.  Hahahahahaa.

We have 18 months to get two more stores opened up in our territory.  That is not very long.  We haven't even recovered from opening the second one yet.  Has to be done though, or our territory goes up for grabs.  Sure will be nice when we start seeing our owner interest money coming in from these stores.  Right now it's just work work work work.  Bleh.

I was carrying the 5 gallon bucket of margarita mix to the cooler last night and the lid came off and dumped margarita all down the front of me.  I was covered in it from my boobs to my knees.  We didn't have another shirt for me to change into either.  So I had to finish the last couple hours of the night like that.  Thank goodness I didn't get pulled over on the way home.....as exhausted as I am all the time and smelling like that, they never would have believed I was sober!!

FYI, margaritas are a sticky nasty messy drink.

Ok, enough with the boring stuff.  Time to work now.


  1. Can't be to covert dear, there isn't many straight shots from Cali to here. Unless of course you want to go through the Dakotas or something, but that's not a straight shot.
    We've got to try one of those taco places. I hope it's better than the one in Decatur. That food sucks.
    Be careful if I don't get to chat with ya before then!!!!

  2. if you had some cool whip, you could've played "around the world"....

    you have got to be the busiest person i have EVER known! i don't know how you keep up...

    ooo Christmas presents that need to be sized...there are only one or two things that come to mind here... :)

    be safe on your journey! xoxo

  3. The taco place is the BOMB. I want one nearby. =)

    Be safe, HAVE FUN, and can't wait 'til you-know-what. =)