Friday, November 4, 2011


Of all the weirdness about Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, I think it's the bizarre way she is always holding her mouth that creeps me out the most.  And the uneven spray tan.  Ugh.

My bestie sent me the sweetest card.  She is so thoughtful about things like that.  I have much to learn from her on such things.

I wonder how many people will go out and buy Glade Relaxing Moments Water Blossoms after reading El Chupacabras blog.  Heehee.

My new medicine gives me hellacious headaches.  Also upsets my stomach.  Hoping those are some of the symptoms that will go away as my body adjusts to it.  Because man, these headaches are almost unbearable.

The 'Service Engine Soon' light came on in the jalopy on the way to work today.  I don't know what that means.  I just had the oil changed and all the fluid levels checked a couple of weeks ago, and they said everything looks great.  So what does that mean??  Anyone??

The Real Deal has almost every single bill he's ever had paid off now.  He is so good with his money.  I'm so proud of him.  Talk about working your way up from nothing.  And I mean NOTHING.  Nowhere to live, no car, no job.....he's had some rough times.

Papoose #1 is going to come home for a semester.  She has some classes that she needs to take online anyhow, so she is going to come home and move in with The Real Deal at his new place, go to school and work and save some money.  Then I believe she is transferring to A&M.  Since Tarleton is part of A&M, all of her scholarships and RL training and position will transfer with her.  I truly think this is the right decision for her right now, with all of the things going on.  She's worked so hard, and is so far ahead of the game.  Of course, as a momma, having her closer has NOTHING to do with that.  Haha.

Papoose #2 has cross country Regionals tomorrow.   She is nervous.  She qualified alone and with her team.  Fingers crossed!!!

Papoose #2 also made the coolest white pumpkin and floral centerpiece.  I didn't think to snap a pic of it this morning, but will do that tonight and post it.  Such a little creative thing, she is.  Both of my girls are SO creative.  They sure as shit didn't get that from me.  I'm horrible at that stuff.  I can barely dress myself.

Ok, work time.  Have a greet weekend, all.


  1. Just wanted to say good luck to Poose #2 on your track meet!! Service engine light comes on randomly in my car. Last time though it was the belt that ran everything, not the timing belt but basically that. Could be nothing as well. My car has about 90k miles on it as well.

  2. I have never heard of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison so I Googled them. What a weird fucking photo. She is more interested in posing than snuggling up to her man, which would be a normal thing to do after you get married. That marriage will be over by the end of the year. Mark my words.