Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Body Tried To Kill Me

It started on Saturday, and I'm just now feeling back to normal today.

I don't know what it was, but it tried to kill me, swear to bees balls.

I felt 'off' Friday and Saturday, then Saturday night/Sunday morning a little after midnight, I woke up and sprinted to the bathroom.

This started my 16 hours straight of vomiting and having vile things come out of pretty much every body orifice imaginable.  The vomiting got so bad that I couldn't even catch my breath in between.

Evidently, I was so incoherent and unresponsive that Mister Wonderful wanted to take me to the ER, but I told him I'd shoot him in the face if he did, because I didn't have the money for a hospital visit.  So instead, he force fed me G2 Gatorade and just kept checking that I was alive in between my bouts of getting sick.

Averaged about every 15-20 minutes for 16 hours straight.  Even after the vomiting stopped, there were other, equally disgusting things going on.  Even after that stopped, I was out of it and couldn't hold my own head up.  They continued to force feed me water and G2.

I don't remember much of anything from about 6am Sunday morning till some time Monday.

I was damn sick.

I finally ate some food last night.  It tasted pretty darn good.

Forced myself back to work Tuesday, both jobs.  I have been forcing myself through every step and breath of the day, just to get through.  Can't afford to miss the time I already missed, much less any more.

This morning when the alarm went off and I opened my eyes, I laid there and took inventory and was so freaking happy when I felt like I could actually step out of bed without calling upon every shred of will power I had.

Today is a good day.

P.S.  Mister Wonderful said "Dammit, you are the hardest damn woman to kill"  about my near death experience.  He followed that up with "I'll have to adjust the dosage next time"

He's a funny fucker.


  1. So sorry, been there done that last week. It's made the rounds throughout our family. Whit hasn't gotten it yet. Hope she steers clear.

  2. Good gawd!!! Send a girl a text next time you're dying!! Bless your heart.....I wondered where you were?? GLAD you're better!! <3

  3. Wow. That makes you sound really hawt.