Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hump Day Huffing

I cannot begin to describe how much I dislike that cheesy ass song "The Christmas Shoes".  Good grief.  It's along the lines of soap operas.  Bleh.

Also overplayed at Christmastime "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Folgelberg, I think it is.  Shit.

I'm so exhausted anymore, I can barely even put a thought in order in my brain.  I'm just wrung the fuck out.

I was walking around the corner at Job #2 last night and The Real Deal called out to me, I turned around and in doing so, clocked myself in the eye with a huge pot that hangs from the wall there.  I smacked myself so hard that I saw stars and almost blacked out.  Everyone was calling out, "What the hell was THAT???"  I was so tickled by my clumsiness that I giggled about it for some time afterwards.  TRD was torn between concern for me and trying not to laugh his ass off.  It was hilarious.  I have a VERY sore eyebrow/bone thingie today.  Haha.

Date night with TRD tonight.  Lucky girl  :-D   He is sooo happy in his new digs.  It's such a nice, spacious, well maintained place.  He is so happy there.  I love hanging out with him there.  He made me lasagna last week for our date night.  Tonight I'm making us chicken noodle soup, since both of us have been a little under the weather.  I'm telling you what, I love that man with every bone in my body, but he is the BIGGEST baby when he is sick.  Talk about drama king.  Hehe.

I had wanted to get the Christmas tree last Saturday when Papoose #1 was home, but I was gone during the day then she was gone all evening, so the timing was off.  This Saturday will mark the first time in almost 20 years that she has not been with us when we shop for, then decorate our Christmas tree.

I am going to have zero money to Christmas shop with this year.  I don't have any money to steal from Peter to pay Paul or anything.  This is a pretty crummy feeling.  I know that isn't the important part of the Holidays, but I so enjoy picking up something for the Papooses etc that will make them happy.  Every cent I earn goes to the house and bills.  This is gonna be sad to me.  Urg.

Every time we have a fund raiser for a school at Job #2, 90% of the parents that show up get snookered on margaritas and beer.  Interesting.

We also have a big PTA group that comes in for their monthly meeting and uses our banquet room.  Boy howdy, do those women put away some alcohol.  We even had one go home with a dude that picked her up there!!!  Left her car and went home with him.  Another one was discovered in a compromising position, with a man that was not her husband, by TRD one night when he locked up and left out the back door.  Poor guy was like "I don't care, I don't want to know, just please let me leave" when she was following him to his truck trying to justify and explain herself.  Haha.

My Bestie has been incredible about stepping in and parenting Papoose #2 for me while I'm away working.  It is such a blessing to have her there with us.   Pap #2 just adores her.

Bestie has also adopted our little female chihuahua Lilly.  She is not really an animal lover, but she loves Lilly and has taken to letting her sleep with her and buying her clothes and just generally hauling her around with her.  See?  Everyone benefits from having a Bestie around the house!!!

We have had a broken toilet in our backyard for five weeks now.  Mister Wonderful threw it out there when he flipped out about having to replace it after he cracked the old one when he was putting it back together after removing it to clear a bad clog and replace the seal.  No, I'm not going to pick it up during my twelve hours I have off work a week.  And yes, I am keeping track of how long he leaves it out there.  Fucking gross.  All we need now are a couple pit bulls chained up in the yard and some fighting cocks crowing out there.

Yes, the MW fantasies about having two wives have begun in our house.  Too funny.

He has started back on his Effexor.  The world will be a better place if we can keep him taking them this time.  If ever there was a person that needed medical intervention, it's that man.

I still don't like twitter.

Well, I've bored you all enough for one day.

Have a great day, and stay warm.


  1. if you're gonna do the toilet and pit bulls, well, you may as well find an old 70's model impala or something and stick it up on blocks lol

    back home (that sounds really funny to me)..... back home, the women tend to use old broken toilets as planters... yes... fill 'er up with some good fertilized soil then put some petunias in there ha... and don't forget the old tires... they get used as planters too and create the border of the bed... the bed of discarded-old-shit-converted-to-flower-planter-hillbilly stuff

  2. Oh, the toilet....he's such a dear, that Man.....not.

    I'll bet you have a pocketful of shocking party stories f/Job #2.

    Lilly is TOO cute!

    Glad you & RD are enjoying his new place. There's nothing like Home, Dorothy....;-)