Monday, March 12, 2012

Did We Even HAVE A Weekend????

I sat down at my desk this morning and thought to myself "What the hell am I doing here again already?"  It really doesn't feel like I had a  weekend at all, and there is really no reason for it.  I mean, I didn't even DO anything of consequence all day yesterday, so it's not like I was so rushed that my weekend was stolen or anything.  Idk, I guess it's just because my brain is still in a daze from all the things that have happened over the past few months.

I feel like I'm fighting my way out of a cave of cobwebs.  But at least I'm feeling like my head is somewhat in working order now.  Starting to be, anyhow.

So Mister Wonderful didn't end up going to California to see The Cunt for his vacation after all.

He brought her here.

Yep.  For some reason he didn't think that Papoose #2 and I would figure out what he was up to.  She flew in Monday March 5th.  Mister Wonderful didn't intend to tell either Papoose #2 or I that she was here, or that he would not be at the house with Papoose #2 for SEVEN DAYS.  I knew by instinct exactly what was  up on Monday before she even got here.  Yeah, once it all came out and I was asking him what the hell he was thinking, planning to just move out on our daughter for the seven days his whore was here, he said "Well, she's always busy and has stuff going on, she won't even notice I'm not here" WHAT THE FUCK???????????????????   Yeah, I told him "You've got about 10 minutes to tell her, or I will".  He told her that The Cunt was here for a whole week so they could enjoy each other and make sure that what they feel really is love and that they really do want to live together and be together forever.

However, this was Tuesday afternoon he told her all this.  He had just picked TC up at 330 the day before.  He was ALREADY going nuts from being with her.  He stayed at the house with me all day Tuesday, after showing up at 6 am after spending the night with TC.  I had gone over to stay with Papoose #2 at the house once I figured out what he was up to Monday night and that he didn't intend to be home with our daughter all week.  He told me everything about what had been going on for months with them long distance, everything about what happened between them when she was living here in our home, everything about how he realized what a colossal mistake he had made by ever hooking up with her and continuing this whole 'romance' and bringing her back out here.  It was quite interesting.

Evidently, he learned that she was everything I told him she was, and then some.  She drove him batshit crazy.  And he had SEVEN GLORIOUS DAYS OF HER COMPANY staring him in the face.  It was all he could do to leave Papoose #2 and I at the house and go back down to his buddys house where he had her holed up.  But go he did.  He said that this was his mess he created, and he had to be the one to clean it up.

Then Thursday MW and I were supposed to go to Papoose #2's track meet.  This was a big thing, because with the hours he works he never gets to see her run, so being on vacation this was his one chance to see her run.  Well, TC spent the whole day telling him hopefully it will rain so he wouldn't go to his daughters meet, and could stay there with her.  Yeah, that sat well with him.  Not.

Anyhow, it was a nightmare of an emotional week for all of us, and the bitch finally took off and ran away early.  Left out on Saturday instead of waiting for her scheduled return flight this evening.  MW had taken her to Dallas for a romantic fun filled tourist day Friday, then took her out partying with his buddies over there Friday night.  The problem with that is, he had given me his word that I didn't need to go to the house that night because he was planning on being there by 7pm at the latest to spend the evening with Papoose #2.  So yeah, he blew her off and didn't call or show up.  I had gone ahead and headed over there when I heard from him that they were out drinking with his friends.  I know him well enough to know he was going to completely blow the kid off.  And he did.  Well, until midnight that is.  He rolled up sometime between 11 and midnight finally, but only after I raised three kinds of hell with both he AND The Cunt via text, and a call or two he FINALLY picked up and answered later on that night.

So, I was a total bitch and messed up their night, nay their whole week, by not giving MW any time to really 'explore his feelings for her' but I really don't regret it.  That bitch would have been a cancer to him and this whole family, had he thought there was ANY chance he wanted to be with her.  But he knew better than that after less than 24 hours with the crazy cunt!!!!!   Hell, he barely made 12 hours straight with her before he was ready to bail, and part of those were spent sleeping!!!!!

So he showed up Friday night around midnight, built us a fire in the fireplace after he got over wanting to kill me for being such a bitch and driving him insane all night, and everyone crashed out.  The next morning I took Papoose #2 to the church, where they had some painting and things to do with the youth group.  Then I headed on home to the cottage.  Mister Wonderful would not answer any of my texts or calls all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.  I needed to talk to him about the plans for Papoose #2 and I this week, since she's on spring break.  Finally he answered the phone with a "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?????"  So of course, instead of being an adult and ignoring that and going on with the conversation I had intended to have, I lashed out and started pushing his buttons. Wrong, I know, but I had zero self control, so shoot me.   Anyhow, it comes out in his yelling and cussing that no, he was not with TC, that in fact he was at the house.  I'm like YOU BETTER NOT HAVE THAT WHORE IN OUR HOUSE to which he replied with some pretty detailed sexual descriptions of what they were actually doing right then in my house........before telling me "Actually, I have no fucking idea where Molly is.  She took off".

Imagine my surprise  :-D

Evidently, between the bashing I gave her Friday night, the fact that I let her know exactly how everyone, INCLUDING MW felt about her, and the texts that I found out Papoose #2 had sent her Saturday morning, telling her exactly how she felt about her and what she has done to our family and lives, Little Miss Worthless decided to high tail it back to the cesspool from whence she came.  She woke MW's buddy up Saturday morning and asked him to take her to the airport.   He loaded her up, took her to the airport, dumped her off and drove all the way home before he even bothered to let MW know the bitch was gone.  That's how bad she was driving his buddy nuts too, evidently.  Not even a call was made to warn MW she was running away, the buddy wanted her out so bad.  Yeah, she makes friends and wins people over everywhere she goes, that one!!!!

So MW got to have at least the one weekend of his vacation to relax and play video games and not be driven insane by a clingy 43 year old who lives and behaves like a trashy 16 year old.

Of course, he was pissed off at me over it all.  It's all my fault etc.  But he knows I did him a fucking favor, so he can get over it.  And he has gotten over it.  Ridiculously quickly, actually.  He REALLY didn't like her once he was with her constantly and it wasn't the naughty sneaking behind The Squaws back thing and it was actually in person and not on the phone or text.  I mean he REALLLLLLLLLLLY didn't like her.  Haha.

I really actually felt bad for him all week, hearing him complain, because I know the man, after all these years together, and I know how she is, and I KNEW what kind of hell he was in, dealing 24/7 with someone like her.  Heeheeeheeeeee.

He didn't have much good to say about her last night while we made dinner etc, thats for sure.  Just massively relieved that she's gone.

Hopefully for good.

Now maybe we can get on with our divorce and our family can heal and learn how to be ok with the new dynamics of it all............

I hope the bastard didn't catch anything.........


  1. i'm thinkin you need to write a book... one hell of a fatal attraction type thriller... shoot, you could throw in some sci-fi horse robots or something ... they show up at the big parade and take off the heads of all the rebels who interfere with what is moral and good....

    sorry... just sort of went crazy there :)

    love you friend! stay strong :) hugs to the 'pooses

  2. oh... p.s.

    i hear eharmony and are pretty good... maybe MW could find something there ?