Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Have A Pointy Chin

So The Real Deal had me take the night off from Job #2 last night so that I wouldn't have to ask Mister Wonderful to pick Papoose #2 up from the trainers again, because he got so livid with me when I had to ask him to Monday night.

Papoose #2 put in her request for dinner and while I was cooking there was a knock at the door.  Papoose #2 opens it and there stand two of our neighbor kids, holding two little poodle/shit tzu looking mix dogs.  Cute friendly little dogs.  They were asking if we knew who the dogs belonged to, we did not, Papoose #2 said she would go walking with them around the hood to see if they could figure out who the dogs belong to.  Now, our road is a notorious dump spot for dogs, so I knew the story before the kids ever got back to the house.  I knew they didn't belong to anyone in our area.

I look out the kitchen window, and Papoose #2 has them in the yard feeding them.  Uh, yeah.  Now they won't leave.  VERY cute and VERY friendly little things, BUT..........

They ran around outside all around the house, chasing cats and barking their fool heads off ALL NIGHT LONG.  None of us got any sleep at all.   Then my alarm didn't go off, so Papoose #2 comes in and wakes me up from my whopping 45 minutes of sleep I finally managed to get and we are running around the house getting ready so we won't be late to the trainers and work.  We get ready in record time and run out and load up in the car.  While I'm putting my purse and lunch bag in the back seat, the two little furball strays jump in my car.  So I had my phone in my hand and sat it on top of the car while I drag the two filthy muddy little things out of the jalopy.  You see where this is going???

Yeah, we were in such a hurry that I forgot my cell on top of the car.  I got all the way to the trainers before I realized it.  Drove back slowly retracing where we'd been, hoping to see it on the side of the road somewhere or something, but no such luck.  It's gone.  To top it off, even if I HAD the $100.00 for the deductible on my insurance, I will be dropped from the insurance because I've already used it within the last 12 months when my phone had a brain fart and died late last year.  So yeah, I'm none too happy with those little bastard dogs, and SOMETHING better happen where they aren't at the house tonight, because no amount of cute and sweet is going to make up for me not getting any sleep all night and then being without a phone for God knows how long because I don't have the money to buy a new one!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

I work Job #2 tonight.  Actually looking forward to that.  I had fun Monday night with the crew that showed up to play.

We have another parade this Saturday, for St. Patrick's Day.  I have no idea where it is at.  I've been so out of it with all the MW/TC drama, pain and mess that I've lost all track of my real life.  I haven't driven my horse since the show in January, so this could prove to be, ummm, eventful.

Papoose #2 is riding and working with thirty thousand dollar horses on a daily basis.  That is pretty mind boggling, isn't it?  To think that so many people can't afford to pay their rent, and other people buy things like cutting horses for a hobby and can afford to pay 30-50k cash for them?  Astounding.  Nice fucking horses though, I'll tell you what.  Whooooeeeee are they ever nice.

I was taking the trash out at The Real Deals place weekend before last, after dark, and I didn't see a hose that was in the grass, tangled my foot up in it, tripped and fell and smacked my chin on the only piece of wood in the whole yard.  Split my chin open and chipped the bone in my chin.  The knot from it is still there. I wonder if that will ever go away, or if I'm going to have a deformed chin from now on?

It's funny how differently people treat you, based on how you look.  I've been heavy and I've been thin, and it is amazing the dramatic difference in how people treat me, depending on where I'm at with that.  As a matter of fact, I've experienced guys wanting to "be my friend" when I am thin, but stopped talking to me when I put some weight on.  I'm so grateful I'm getting rid of the extra weight I had put on over the past months.  I feel so much better, getting back to normal.  Now I just have to get back to working out.  Get off my lazy ass.

Well, I'm done boring the three people that read this thing now.

Getting back to work now.

Take care of yourselves, all.

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