Monday, March 26, 2012


I cannot believe how unbelievably incredibly indescribably happy I am in my life now.  I find myself wondering why I didn't let go and make these changes sooner, but then I realize that it had to happen in it's own time, or it wouldn't be as perfect as it all is now.

The life I am living for ME has begun.  It's started.  I'm so stoked.  Every day I wake up in my own dream life.  I still pinch myself.  I can't believe, after all the heartache, trials and suffering, this wonderful life is mine, every day, every night, every minute.  I am so blessed.

Molly The Cunt contacted Mister Wonderful, trying to get him to hook up with her again.  Uh, girlfriend??? Figure it out, even MW has better taste, once he spent a little 'quality one on one' time with you.  Move on. Jesus.  If you don't want to be treated like a cheap tramp, stop behaving and living like one.  Little word of advice.  Yeah, of COURSE he told you to go pump sand.  You were nothing but a fucking cancer to this whole family, worthless bitch.  He can do so much better than you, get over it.  Anyone that lives a life where they have to change their cell number on a regular basis because they fuck so many people over and piss so many people off really needs to reevaluate their life and person.  Psycho slut.

I've moved in with The Real Deal.  It's fabulous.  Of course, moving AGAIN is no fun, but at least it's just across the street this time, hehe.  It's funny to watch his VERY bachelor pad becoming a home.  We're getting there.  Each day he walks around, checking out the changes and additions, throwing out compliments and sometimes questions like "damn, so that's what that's for??"  haha.  Silly man.

I'm going to miss my cottage, because everything was brand new in it, from the fixtures to the blinds to the carpet to the appliances.....and this is not the case at TRD's house, but who cares, it's nothing but a thing.

Papoose #1 sold her car.  Without having another one to replace it.  Yeah, call it a life lesson.  This could get very interesting.  ***Edit:  Totally forgot to add that Mister Wonderful is trying to talk her into getting a PT CRUISER!!!!  I nearly died laughing when she told me that.  Of all the cars.......

Papoose #2 went with our friends to a horse show this weekend, and showed my horse, rather than her own. Let's just say, my horse is a different caliber than hers haha.  They did fantastic and had a blast.  I wish I could have been there, but had so much to do and had to work a couple stores off and on as well, since we're a bit short staffed right now, with all the expansion we're involved in.  There is always the next show. Plus, we are all taking our own horses to a weekend long clinic this weekend that is sure to be an absolute blast!!!!

Hey commenters?????  I hope you have fun with all your nasty comments.  Sucks to be so jealous of someone that you have to lash out like that, huh?  Feel so sorry for you and how pathetic your lives must be. Poor poor things.  Bless your hearts.

The jalopy is nearly paid off.  Pretty soon I will be able to get serious about getting it all fixed up.  Super excited about that!!!!!!!!  I don't want a new car.  I love my jalopy and have yet to find one that I like the looks of more than this one.  It's going to be a freaking blast getting it all fixed up.  Eeeeeeeeee!!!!

I can't believe how much weight I've lost through this whole adventure.  First, it started falling off because I was so stressed out and upset I wasn't eating.  Then I stopped drinking beer for good too.  Now I think it's still falling off because I'm so calm and content and NOT stressed out.  Starting my training again around the beginning of May.  I'm taking April to start running again and working out on my own.  The trainer I'm going to starts out so hot and heavy, no intro, that I don't dare start in there till I'm at least back to running a couple miles and a little strength training under my belt.  I've let myself get so out of shape!!!!

I hate eating breakfast.  I mean, I LOVE breakfast, but hate eating any time before 10am.  Just loathe it, and have to force myself to eat my oatmeal or whatever every single day when I'm working out and shaping up. You just can't do it if you skip that in the morning, and it HAS to be before 9am, so I have to totally choke it down.  Blerg.  Ick.  Hate eating early on in the day, and always will.  Meh.

Ok, I've bored you all enough.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. i am sooooooooo glad that you are happy and peaceful! you deserve it.... truly! and you have made so many positive changes in your life... way to go Squaw Woman!!!!

  2. Hooray for you!!! I think it is wonderful that you have found peace and happiness. An inter calm will do wonders for the soul!!! Congrats!! PS As for the ppl that feel the need for crappy comments,just goes to show how crappy THEIR lifes are,pay them no mind,they are just jealous.

  3. I am so happy to know that you are happy. That is good.

    I had a very old jalopy for a long time and then got a new jalopy. I kinda miss my old jalopy because it was very good to me for a long time and drove me through my single days. Silly, I know but it was a great crappy car.

    I hate eating breakfast too. I have it down to about three different selections. Scrambled egg with tomato and feta cheese, oatmeal and dried fruit or a scone.

  4. Dang girl you move more than an army person.
    Whatever works for you, and screw the rest!! Loose some weight for me too, will ya?? ;)