Friday, January 6, 2012

It Is An Absolutely Fanfreakingtastic Day, Isn't It?????

Slept like the dead last night.  Actually rolled out on time this morning and made it to work on time though, haha.

I get to actually sleep in my own place tonight finally, yay!!  Some friends are meeting me at the Boyd house after work today to load up my mattress, dresser and desk.  Finally, I can sleep at my place!!  This old body is too broke in to sleep in the floor like I would have years ago, so I've been crashing at TRD's place till my bed arrives.

I am going to have one chair in the living room.  That is all I need :)  I have a lady who wants to sell me her gorgeous sofa/loveseat set for only $50.00, more than a fabulous deal, but I'm terrified to spend the money on it......

The little long haired chihuahua I've been pupsitting for the past month or more may get to stay with me permanently.....his momma may be moving back home.......I would totally be ok with that.  He is good company!!

Labpup Milo has gone to live with my dear friends.  The same peeps who are helping me move my bed tonight.  That dog scored big time, to get to live there.  I sure miss him though.

I really really want plants to put all over my place.  I used to always have house plants but over the past years that I'm never home, they all were put outside and froze or roasted or got knocked over or good Lord knows what else.  I really need to get some collected again.  I miss that!

All of this stress and change has me so exhausted. I can't wait to just rest tomorrow morning.  Not have to jump out of bed asap if I don't want to.  I'm really needing that.  Nothing but me, my bed, a book and a coffee cup!!

Have to get to work now.

Have a FABULOUS weekend, all!!!!!


  1. Your blog blows now that you're all happy and shit.

  2. To the contrary -- it's awesome! I love reading about your new flood of emotions regarding the changes! And I'm excited with you over this new chapter of The Boss of You. =) YAY!!!!!!!!

    I'll take some clippings from a few tried & trues around my house & bring them on our next date out. You know I love to share plants!!!


  3. yawwwwnnnnnn...somebody wake me up when she gets pissed off again. ~~~zzzzzzzzzzz~~~

  4. it is so good to see you happy! you deserve it...

    i miss having plants... they don't fare so well in the tin can...