Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Kingdom For A BBQ

I really need to find me an inexpensive little bbq for my new little backyard.  Mister Wonderful has our limousine bbq/smoker at the house.  I bbq almost all of my food.  Its my fave way to cook/eat. I use gas, simply because I have zero interest in spending the time to fuck around with charcoal.  I like to walk out there, fire it up, let it warm, then get to cooking.  That's how I roll.  I really miss that in a bad way.  Ugh, it's not a NEED, it's a WANT.  So have to wait.  *pouty face*


  1. Dear Squaw, I have been a disgracefully absent blogger friend over the last couple of months - short but very crappy story. So I am trying to catch up with all my girls and what has been going on in their lives and psyches. Well, seems I have missed an entire lifetime crunched into a couple of months of your life. After this comment posting I am going to sit down in front of my shrine and and vizualize you (shit, that's Cher - but it'll still work) with soft, warm light surrounding you.

    I read through almost all the last zillion posts and don't really know what the big C did (did I miss something?), but whatever it was I am not surprised. Never trust a "martyr/victim" who never takes gets healthy enough to fix their own life. Miss-used compassion on that one, Squaw. Think rabid dog. They are manipulators and always, always show their true viperness at some point and are loyal to no one.

    But I am so happy that you now have your own space and will take care of YOU. Everytime you look in a mirror tell that awesome woman looking back at you that you need her suppport and encouragement to create a smooth, healthy life for the both of you - well, the one of you. You get the drift though right?

    It took me years not to think I needed to make life easier for everyone I loved - worked my ass of, like you and when I just stopped being a fixer, they were all pissed, so pissed that I changed the rules of the game. I was selfish and a bitch to them. But as time passes it was easier to breathe and ya' know, people get that the free ride is over and grow up. Anyway, you brought them this far, did a fucking good job and now it's your turn. Let them have their own lives. They are sure to fuck up here and there - didn't/don't we? And aren't we still here?

    I'm a fan, you're a fav and an unbelievably talented writer. You're a great book that I can't put down to get a sweater because I am freezing, run to the bathroon when I'm bursting with pea and it's now painful and other take a break emergencies.

    Brava sister woman.