Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been advised not to be naughty and blow all this shit out of the water in the internets.

Yet, anyway.

Gotta put the old thinking cap on.


  1. aw man.... although that is good advice i was sure looking forward to your rants... they are fabulous!!


  2. Bad advice. Obviously you've talking to people that do unmentionable things to animal and have deafly houses.

    The Internet is a place to publicly air one's grievances and seek aid and consolation from anonymous, nameless and soulless strangers in order to make you feel better about yourself

    We're here to listen and talk about you behind your back, so...

    ...spill it, sister.

  3. actually, i am partial to "fuck yeah!" and anyway, if they don't like - don't visit. Fuck yeah!

  4. Damn. That what I get for trying to compose a comment on my phone. I meant "deadly" houses. Sheesh. Pfft.

  5. Fuck. I wanted to hear all about it.