Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleepovers And What Happens When Only One Ball Drops

Papoose #2 asked if we could hang out and have a sleep over at my place last night.  Made me very happy. We bummed around some stores and hit 1/2 price books and picked up a book each.  Love their clearance isles, one and two dollar books rock.

She likes my little place.  She was pleasantly surprised with what I've managed to do with used furniture from Craigslist and things from thrift stores.  It really is turning into a cozy little nest, if I do say so myself.  I really think she enjoyed us quietly sitting there, me reading, her doing a crossword.  It was a little slice of heaven for me.

I'm thinking, hopefully, that Mister Wonderful and I have finally come to a working agreement.  I have hopes that we can use what friendship we have to move forward and out of the muck of the past to work together to raise our daughter and see graduations, weddings and grandchildren without anymore resentment and hatred.  I'm hoping that our being separated will give us each the relief and space we need to be able to do that.

Anyone remember Bubbles, Micheal Jacksons pet chimp???

So looking forward to the horse show this weekend.  Wasn't able to take Friday off to help get set up and get horses ready like I had planned, but will still take off at noon to get down there and get the games started.  SO freaking excited.  Chip and I need to get some shows under our belts so we can settle in and get ready to rule the world, hehehehehehe.  The horse shows are also the absolute BEST for spending time with my Papooses.  It's like escaping real life and totally immersing yourself in what you love with all the people you love best.  Horses, good friends, my girls........

I have a hopeful heart these past couple of days.  I had forgotten what that felt like.

I need to save my pennies and find a little bed to put in my spare bedroom so my girls can come stay over more often.  I know they love sleeping in my big ol bed, but want them to have a place of their own in my home as well.  Anyone have a twin bed they don't need anymore on the cheap?

Gizmo is recovering from his harrowing veterinary experience on Tuesday.  Poor guy lost his balls, had his teeth deep cleaned, ears reamed out, nails cut, all shots plus kennel cough done, heart worm test (negative, thank God).  Then he was cryptorchid, so he ended up with major abdominal surgery to top it all off.  Poor lil fella.  He refused to look at me till last night.  He's feeling a tad better today though, and God knows his breath doesn't reek anymore.  He could kill a horse with that stuff before they fixed his teeth up.

I really don't have much today, my brain is still on the mend from all of the chaos that has been my life of late.  Just trying to heal and keep positive thoughts and figure out how to get back into a productive life.

Don't worry, I'll be back to my bitchy, cussing, raving lunatic self soon.


  1. stay strong! love those girls, love those horses...

    and poor Gizmo... bless his little heart...

  2. Glad you had a good night. Those always seem to make the world better.

  3. Whos balls got cut off?
    Dang girl, I didn't really mean it when I said you need to cut his balls off.

  4. Damn. I posted here but must've erased it myself...I keep doing that everywhere! Ugh.

    Your Girls are your Crown Jewels. Nothing can tarnish that reality. :)