Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's All Coming Together

That's my new front door.  I picked that wreath up on the dollar clearance table at the feed store. It makes me smile.  I grabbed one of the few actual wire hangers I have and made an impromptu wreath hanger.

It only cost me $41.00 to have the water turned on yesterday, so since I had $62.00 in my bank account, I actually had enough to get it rolling.  That includes my trash service, recycling, sewer, all the regular city services.  Trash is collected twice a week, and they will pick up any amount of anything you could possibly want to put out there.  No restrictions.  Where was that service when I was raising little kids and we seemed to be making loads of trash etc??  Ah well, surely will be nice.

The Real Deal made some phone calls and got my electricity turned on for me without a deposit.  That was quite a treat, considering my credit.  It's been years since I've been able to have services turned on without hundreds of dollars in deposits first.  TRD kinda rocks.

Both my water and electricity will be on by the time I get out of Job #1 and go home.

Happy happy Squaw.

I stayed at TRD's house last night after we got out of Job #2.  I was a nervous wreck that my phone wouldn't wake me up on time, or that I would hit so much traffic I would be late to Job #1 this morning.  I have never made that commute in the morning, so I had myself all worked up about being late.  I got up at 6, left the house at 655, and arrived at work by 730, a half hour early.


TRD also got on the traffic thingie and checked how traffic was looking for my commute while I was getting ready for work.  Yeah, you know he rocks  :-)  The most thoughtful man.  I'm so lucky to have him in my life, showing me how things CAN be.

Someone keeps getting in my desk and on my computer when I'm not here.  I know it's not "my" office, per se, but it still chaps my ass that they get in here and go through my things.  This morning there was an "L" written on my timecard for this week on Monday, because I had forgotten to put my lunch break on there. So I made out a new timecard and put a post it on there that reads "Thank you so much to whoever keeps getting in my desk and checking the accuracy of my time card!!!  You Rock!!!!  Without you, it may have been a day or two before I realized I needed to add that lunch in there!!!!  Because I'm all about stealing time from the company and all that.  Whatever!!  Fucking fucktards.

This whole skeezy sneak around and try to catch the employees fucking the company thing is getting really old, really fast though.  I mean really.  If you don't trust me anymore than to feel the need to go through my desk drawers and get all up in my computer, then fucking fire me assholes.  Don't skulk around like that.  It's fucking creepy.

Well, Mister Wonderful, Bestie and even Papoose #2 must be perfectly happy in the house I bought for them.  I never hear a single peep from anyone anymore unless I initiate contact.  It's like they don't notice or care that I'm gone.  Happy little world there.  I'm glad for them all.  :-)

Makes me wonder why the hell I suffered and tried so hard for so long, if nobody gives a flying fuck if I'm around or not anyway though.

*Back of hand against forehead in mock distress*  The realization of just how unimportant I am when everyone still has all the comforts I've provided for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do believe that, given the opportunity, I will end up being quite the minimalist in my new home.  It's looking that way anyhow.  I want clean.  I want open. I want no clutter.  Ahhhhhhh.......

I have been dog sitting a long hair chihuahua for several weeks now.  He was supposed to go home the 6th. It is looking like I may have the opportunity to keep him though, as the person I've been watching him for is most likely moving back east and back in with family.

This is a good thing.  He is great company, and no trouble at all.

Furface therapy.



  1. Glad to hear things are rolling along smoothly. Screw MW. And don't you dare look back.

  2. you rock! you really do! i just sent you an email... i have stuff... stuff that maybe you could use in your new digs... stuff that doesn't work or isn't needed in our tin can... stuff from my house... :)

    as for the others, they will miss you... they will... and there will be regret, sadness, and sorrow...

    and don't forget - YOU ROCK!

  3. What is it with employers? Pisses me off to no end. Would it be too difficult to be nice? I know they would do a lot better financially is their employees felt valued.

    I like the new wreath. Yay for you!

  4. LOVE the wreath! How pleasant and cheery! :-) Screw MnotsoW and anyone else who's been milking you. Pisses me off.

    Like Sailor said, don't look back!!

  5. So, since you and MW are no longer an "item," would it be okay if I asked him out?