Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bug Eyes and The Trash Saga

The trash service STILL hasn't made a single scheduled pick up at our house.  What's it been now, a couple of months??  Teehee.   Mister Wonderful is getting cranky about it.  They also haven't delivered the trash receptacle he had to pay a deposit for.  They took all of the money out of his account immediately, but have yet to follow through with the actual SERVICE part of the deal.  I send him a daily text when I get home each day and see that the trash hasn't been picked up.  I call it the "trash log, stardate 2011" and then I'm even nice enough to put how many days running it's been for him.  I think I'm really sweet, keeping track of that for him and reminding him of it each and every day, don't you???

I'm naughty.

We were told we would get paid $6.00 for jury duty.  The check came in the mail Tuesday and it was for $40.00.  That's not too shabby, I guess.  I was surprised.  Several days before that, I received a thank you card for serving on the jury, from the judge.  I didn't know they did that, either.

Our household is heavy two black pug puppies.  So freaking adorable.  Picked them up last night. Actually went to pick up one black pug puppy for a friend of mine and was going to babysit him while she is on vacation.  When I got to the breeder, there was this little tiny runt brother of his, who wasn't even going to be rehomed because he's tiny and kinda special needs, and, well, I came home with two.  The one I'm keeping has been being called Can't Get Right because he seems to have little or no control over his Marty Feldman eyes.  So dang cute tho.

Figured out what has been wrong with Papoose #1's car and making it konk out on her all these months.  The clip that holds the wiring harness thing to the fuel pump was broken off, and would jiggle loose then back on loose then back on.  Presto chango.  No more stranded Poose.

Also found some bedding and a couple other things that Papoose #1 needed for her apartment this year.  Of COURSE the bed she'll have this year is a full, so none of the twin extra long stuff from last year will work.  Haha.  I took off at noon yesterday to get the car thing done and to take her around looking for her comforter etc.  We had such a nice day.  I've missed that kid.

Papoose #2 is still gone to church camp.  No phones, no communication with her. I've NEVER had either of my kids gone where I don't hear from them.  Never.  I DON'T like it.

We've found a third location for our third store.  It will be open by December.  It's near Grapevine Lake or Lake Grapevine or whatever that is.  I had no idea it even existed.  We are headed in the right direction!!  Yay!!  Now, if we could just start seeing the PAYCHECKS from all of this hard work!

Well, busy here, lots going on.  Have a great day, all.


  1. Trashlog stardate 2011??? LOL Classic!

  2. We all have a lil naughty in us huh? I think I got an extra dose!

  3. Ya'll are already opening up a third store?!? That's awesome! It's time you got a corner office i think.

  4. Kudos to yall for finally figuring that car thing out! She's lucky to have you. :-)