Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Finally Friday

Took Papoose #2 for her physical this morning.  She has to have it for the church camp she's going to next week.  I went ahead and printed off the UIL physical paperwork so we can use it for sports this year too.  For once I use some common sense, go me!!

In watching her get the physical and seeing through her doctors eyes how grown up she is, I was nearly in tears.  I am so close to my girls, always have been, that the thought of not having either one of them in my life on a daily basis just brings me to my knees.  They have been my entire world for so long.  Now with Papoose #1 not keeping in touch or coming to visit any more than she has, I am more and more panicked about the day Papoose #2 moves out and I never see either one of them.  It's nearly irrational, this dread I have of that day.  Yeah, therapy for sure.

Mostly, I think, I am just now becoming the kind of person that is capable of being the kind of mother I always wanted to be but always fell short of, and I wish I could have a do over.

Ok, can't talk about that anymore.

The dynamic duo have officially been moved out of the master bath.  Their box, food, toys, bed and crunchy tunnel have all been moved into the main part of the house.  Little Gracie and Moses are big kitties now.  Haha.  They still keep walking into the master bath, sniffing around like "Wtf happened to all our STUFF???"

Deuce man did so good last night.  The cut ear is almost healed up enough that I can get him back into harness and start ground driving him again in preparation for getting him hooked back up to the cart and moving off.  Working with animals, gaining their trust and seeing them come out of their shells and see the light come on in their eyes at that 'AhHa' moment when they 'get it' is just a feeling that cannot be denied.  Very cool.

I can't wait till I am financially in a position to help my friends that need it.  I seriously can't wait for that time.  It's going to freaking rock.

I would love to be somewhere beautiful on a beach right now with a good book and a cold drink.  Better go listen to some more good Kenny Chesney music......No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem, methinks  ;-)

Papoose #2 is currently asleep under the spare desk in my office.  All I can see of her is part of the purple blanket she has over her head and body, then cowboy boots sticking out from under there.  Haha.

I really enjoy watching the Patriots play ball.  Piss off haters.  I've been a fan for so many years, I don't know how to jump ship and adopt another team.  I do support the 'Boys in every game though.  How can you not love the Cowboys?  I'm not a fanatic about football like some people are, but I sure do love to watch the Pats, have some wings, razz the other people in the room over their team etc.  All good fun.

On the way home yesterday, we were all pulled over to the side of the road in Boyd, on 114 because numerous emergency vehicles were headed toward us heading east.  One car refused to move out of the way of them.  Both sides of the road were lined with cars pulled over, and this ONE asshole pulls on into the turn lane in front of the police station.  Yep, it was a cop.  The prick was determined that he was going to pull into the police station RIGHT THEN, instead of moving to the side of the road so the fire and ambulances could get by and get to their emergency.  Even Papoose #2, sitting beside me in the car, was like "Who the heck does he think he is?????  He's in the way!!!!!"  And he was.  Because of all the cars pulled over lining the sides of the road, the idiot cop couldn't get into the police driveway, and because his fat ass was camped out in the turn lane, there was no room for the emergency vehicles to get through all the traffic.  And yes, I DID mouth "You stupid selfish fat fuck!!!" as I drove past his window after the clog up finally started to clear.  Self important prick.

And no, I do not hate the police.  I have always had the utmost respect for them and shown them as much.  I have never viewed them as the enemy, but as our heros.  But I have met a couple that are just shitty people.  Self important shitty people.  People are people, I don't care what they do for a living.  I call a spade a spade.  And that guy had no business whatsoever blocking emergency vehicles because he was in such a hurry to end his shift, or whatever he was up to.

Done bitching.  Going to get some work done.  Have a really great weekend, my peeps. Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for keeping me entertained every day.  

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  1. Pats huh? That explains alot...