Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Off With His Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jury duty yesterday was interesting.  People never cease to amaze me, at how they will behave in public.  I just shake my head and think really???  Are you for reals?????

We were supposed to be there at 8:00a.m. so all of us were lined up outside the door in the sun at 8 and ended up standing out there for about 10 minutes till they remembered to unlock the door. Filed in, signed in, picked up our handbooks, pinned on our little juror #  badges, and began THE WAIT.  Only two of us thought ahead enough to bring a book.  There was NO cell service in the building.  I don't mean the service was bad, I mean there was NO cell service.  So all the people who had planned to kill time on their phone were shit out of luck.  I swear, that building was made of kryptonite or something.  We waited hours for everyone to get there.  The defendant was sitting rather smugly at his table after he finally showed up.  That is, until the officer showed up.  Methinks someone was gambling that the officer would be a no show.  No suck luck trucker man.  Anyhow, I got picked and served on the jury.  It was interesting that every one of the jurors worked in the truck/hauling business in one way shape or form, and the defendant was a driver that was pulled over for speeding and had over 16 different violations including being way over weight limit, bolts missing in his axle and three sets of brakes were completely non functioning.  The officer gave him a break and only ticketed him on the brakes.  He still came in to fight that.  I think you all can figure out how that went for him.

I find it amazing that you don't have to have any special license to drive those huge ass barge sized rv's.  Some of those things are massive.  I don't even want to drive a van, because I can't see out of them, I can't imagine an rv.

I had a wreck with Deuce on Thursday.  My leg and knee are way jacked up.  I don't bounce quite like I used to, haha.  So we have taken his training way back several steps and I've started him over.  He acts like maybe he was in a bad wreck or something, and certain things terrify him.  That is notagood when he's dragging you behind him in a cart, haha.  But, in looking at his teeth and realizing he's wayyy younger than we previously thought, it makes sense that he would not be as road ready as we were led to believe he was.  No biggie, good training opportunity for me.  Lots of exercise too.  Can't complain about that!!  Although, in this heat I DO complain about it.  HAHAHAHAHA

Papoose #2 is at band camp this week.  Next week she goes to church camp in the Colorado mountains, very close to where we used to live.  Pretty cool.  Literally.  She won't want to come back to the blast furnace this godforsaken place has become.

While we were waiting for everyone to show up for the jury thingamajiggy, a man came in and said good morning and proceeded to mess with the microphones on the two tables in there.  One of the potential jurors says "Wow, you have a cushy job, what does a person have to do to land such an easy job?" the man smiled and tried to ignore his heckeler, but the guy wouldn't back off.  He kept saying rather condescending and rude things to the man.  The only thing the fellow finally said in response was "Well, sometimes I'm chief cook and bottle washer, you know?"  Later on, the same man walked into the court room in his judicial robes.  Boy did that asshole try to sink into his seat and disappear.  Teehee.  The judge volunteered him for jury duty, and jokingly said "I think we may be seeing more of each other, you never know!!!"  We all laughed our butts off.

I have to get back to work now.  It has taken me all morning, off and on, to say pretty much nothing.  Haha.


  1. I hope I never get asked to do jury duty. I am far too emotional and have little patience for people being assholes. Are you allowed to tell us what happened?

  2. and one time at band camp....

    sorry i just had to say that! heehee

    you and Deuce had a wreck?? oh no! i'm sure with a bit of TLC and training he's gonna do great for you

    as for licenses... i think they need to give them out to drive grocery carts as well as RV's lol and what about rascal and power chairs? hmm

  3. people are the most fascinating spies on this planet. way more than the one million magnification of a weird bug. that's because we speak. not everyone was in the line to get the thinking apparatus. that heckler guy - there are so many like him. it's amazzzing. first, because they open their mouth to condesend and make fun of another person and second because they don't get that you never know who you are talking at or to and third they have no clue they are assholes. Fascinating.

    Deuce is gonna be great, just as Sherri says.