Monday, July 25, 2011

Sno Cones Are Frosty Therapy

We never had sno cone stands in California where I grew up.  We also never had them in Panama, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wyoming, Idaho or any of the other various placed I've called home.

In California growing up, all we had were slurpees at 7-11.  Those weren't at all the same.  Had lots of bits of crushed ice in them and only came in Coke or Cherry flavored usually.  Not interested.

Then we move here and of course I've stopped for years and let the girls get sno cones when it's hot and all, but I never had even a remote interest in getting what I figured was just like those stupid slurpee things.

Shaved ice is NOT like that ground up crap I had had as a kiddo in other places.

Then one of the gals here in the office has to go and bring me one.  Oh lordy.  Dr. Pepper with cream.  OH my.......I told her she is the same as a heroin dealer pushing her wares on me, the addiction is so complete.

The biggest deal is, as I've gotten older, my stomach doesn't tolerate ice cream at all.  If I decide I want ice cream, I had better be prepared to pay the price, because I will be in pain for hours upon hours for it.  But I can grub me one of these DPw/C and feel just fine and dandy.

We were just sent by one of the bosses to get a sno cone for every employee that wanted one.  He took everyones order so they could have whatever flavor they wanted.  We jumped in the little trailer and did an assembly line and helped the gal knock them out.  I thought that was pretty darn cool of our boss.

Now we just have to do battle with the evil payroll wench if she tries to dock our pay for the thirty minutes we were gone.  Hateful sow.

Have to go eat my sno cone now.  

Mmmmmmmmm.  Frosty therapy.


  1. I love the snowy treets too!!! Such a cool relief to these gawdawful hot days.

  2. OMG quote of the week: "...evil payroll wench..." LMAO!