Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hostage Money and Fat Farms

Blond move of the week:  Bought a couple cases of bottled water Sunday.  When I went to take one of them out of the trunk, I didn't have my right hand underneath it well, and as I pulled up  with my left hand, the plastic packaging tore and I punched myself in the left cheek.  HARD.  My face is still so tender and sore today, I have to giggle at myself every time I wash it or put makeup on or anything that makes me touch my left cheekbone and the area just under it.  I mean, who punches their own lights out??????????

My debit card was declined this morning when I stopped by to get donuts for the safety meeting.  This was a major surprise to me, considering I had just deposited two paychecks in that account Friday after work.  Run to the bank to see what the problem was, they were holding my checks because they said one of them was no good, as in the number at the bottom of it had been damaged or tampered with.  Umm, ok, so you just throw the stuff to the side and say screw it, she'll be back about this?????  Anyhow, long story short, the manager released my money, but it still won't be available till midnight tonight for some stupid reason.  Needless to say, I will be closing my account there tomorrow-----once my money is available to pull out.  Retarded.

Someone very close to me said yesterday, in the nicest way possible, that "you're not young anymore, you know".  I couldn't decide if I should have my feelings hurt or not.  I feel as young inside as ever, but I do realize I can't abuse my body anymore like I used to all those years.  Still, wasn't sure how to feel about that statement for some reason.  Especially from the person it came from.

Then later on in the day, another person told me I was incredibly sexy and that he would have a tumble with me anytime I want.  That kinda made my day, hehe.  Naughty.

Papoose #1 is coming home for a sleepover tonight.  She's going to the farm with me tonight, she misses it so much. Then tomorrow I'm asking for the afternoon off to take her shopping for a couple of things for her new dorm room.  We may get a pedicure too.  You never know where our wild and crazy sprees will take us.  Yeah, I know, we are such party animals.  Hahahaaha.   Hey, I like my boring life.  Considering some of the alternatives I've lived with, I'll take boring any day!!

The man behind me at the donut shop touched my hair.  It was weird.  Reminded me of the thin man from the Charlies Angels movies.  You know, the one that is obsessed with Drew Barrymores hair?  Sniffs it and stuff.  Ick.  Hahaha.

I need to take better care of myself.  I'm not young anymore, you know.  hehe.  Actually, in all honesty, that Amy Winehouse thing really bothers me.  I know she did drugs too, but the past few years she has been a major heavy drinker, and while I don't drink like THAT, I do drink way too much beer.  Very bad for me.  I keep saying I'm gonna knock it off, but the damn things just taste so damn good.  I've GOT to knock that off.  Don't want my liver or something just saying "Fuck it!!  I give up!!"

I would love to be locked in at a fat farm/health farm where you have no choice but to get back into your good healthy habits.  All choice taken away, just long enough to get back on the right track with eating, drinking, exercising.........

I want to get involved in yoga.  I wish there were classes closer to where I live.  Dang it.  The whole aspect of yoga really appeals to me.  The spiritual/psyche aspect every bit as much as the exercise aspect of it.

Ok, I have work to do.  I've bored you enough for the morning.  Have a great day all.  I hope you don't keep thinking today is Wednesday like I keep doing.  Freaking HATE when that happens.


  1. Banks = Legalized Thievery

  2. I like my boring life, too. the alternative is terrifying. I've seen glimpses and Do. Not. Like.

    Being a Domestic God ain't all that bad.

  3. I think JH means "Domestic Queen".

  4. i'm hoping to start yoga august 1st... i get one hour of paid PT time at work ... bastards are making nearly impossible to be lazy...

    i hate banks... we read one of the budget proposals from the feds is a 1% tax on ALL bank transactions... even deposits! bastards

    and i can't get a paper check at work... we are completely electronic... no way i can get around that 1% tax... bastards

    i am considering bank of folgers.. much better rates if you ask me...

    the state of our economy, well it scares the shit outta me...

    found out yesterday that the wonderful healthcare plan/cuts are going to start affecting my MS meds sept1... fabulous... they are beginning to deny coverage on some of them...fuckers

  5. Now that's some funny shiznit Sherri. nearly impossible to be lazy? I bet I could find a way!

    Bank of folgers guarded by Smith And Wesson will always be the most secure bank.

    Healthcare companies rank right up there with banks and lawyers. They are all lowlife scumbags.