Friday, July 29, 2011

Empty Nesting Sucks Balls, and Wet Tee Shirts At The Office

The teepee was a quiet and sad place last night, with neither Papoose there.  I'm just not the kinda mom that relishes the 'freedom' of the kids being gone.  Love those little turkeys so much.

Papoose #2 will be home late Saturday night.  It can't come soon enough.

I want Papoose #1 back home, NOW.

The people up the street adopted two miniature donkeys a few weeks ago.  Imagine their surprise when they walked out this morning and saw a tiny little miniature of a miniature donkey in the yard?  Tooooo freaking cute.  You just have no idea.  That little thing is literally all ears.  I just wanna pick it up and give it a big smootcher!

Jar, all you had to do was ask, I would have let you borrow my aston  ;-)

Yeah, delusions of grandeur.  Hey, we already established that I need therapy, back off.

The pugs are so hysterical, even when they aren't doing anything but sitting there tilting their heads staring at you, that I've spent more time laughing till I cry in the past two days than I have in a month.  Good times.  I'll ask the gal who owns the one if it's cool if I post a pic of him.  The one that I'm keeping I named Roscoe, but for reasons that are obvious when you see him, he's been dubbed Can't Get Right.

I may have already told yall the above information before.  I can remember details about conversations I had 30 years ago, but can't remember what I said yesterday.  Whatever, I've learned to roll with it.

I had a sheriff tail gate me all the way in to work this morning.  There's a lot I could say about that, but I won't.

Both of my upper arms/shoulders ended up blistering from the sunburn I got at the parade last Saturday.  The blisters are breaking open this morning.  That is so gross.   My tee shirt is wet from it, and not in the way that would garner lascivious attention, either.  That is just gross.

I've been thinking about the red hat lady a lot lately.  I wish she and her husband would come into the store again.  She really had an affect on me.  Carrying that Christmas card and those photos around.......

Ok, I've got nothing interesting to say today.  I need to go dust my office, it is disgusting.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend, all.  A little birdie just told me that I'm not scheduled to work tomorrow, just Sunday.  I am practically retired!!!  I feel like a real lazy ass not working either job tomorrow, I really do.  But hey, I can just be a woman of leisure and get my house clean and play with the puppies!!


  1. Don't we all need therapy?!? :-)

  2. pugs are special... they are a reminder that inner beauty is more important than which direction one's eyes may point ;)

    when ashley first moved out of the house, i laid on my couch...for about 3 or 4 months... then i finally got a handle on my emotions and proceeded with life... it was an awful transition for me.... i don't envy you facing this but i also know that you have the inner strength of any superhero that comes to mind and will move forward with grace... coming out on the other side with the world at your fingertips

  3. Your story of the Red Hat Lady was very nice. Thank you for being so kind to those in need. I only hope that if I am ever in that situation, someone as kind as you will be around to help me. It seems that today, everyone is just out for themselves and will step all over you to get what they want. If possible, I would like to know where you work so I can patronize the establishment. We need to support people like you. I am a long time reader of LLFLDQ but have only recently started to read your blog. Keep it up.

    Big Ed

  4. I miss my kids being home or at least visible to me in the flesh. They are way grown up, one even has a kid. I would give anything to have them back close enough to touch. Tyrn back the clock so I can have just one month with them little again and clinging to my legs.

    I love Sherri's comment about pugs. It goes for humans as well.

  5. big ed you are so right. This lady seems to be so classy and nice.