Thursday, July 14, 2011

This and That

Another late night at the farm.  Didn't get nearly enough sleep, again.  But once we work the horses and do the chores, the swing under the trees in the yard is just too tough to resist.  We have to sit and bs about life.  I'm exhausted every morning, but it's oddly worth it.

I was so exhausted by the time I was able to get home, eat, shower, do some laundry and flop into bed, that I woke myself up more than once snoring.  How gross is that???  I never used to snore.  I think even the dog was irritated with my racket last night.  Hahaha.

Moses and Gracie had to go to the vet last week.  Moses had an upper respiratory infection and was sneezing and wheezing and not eating well and just very miserable.  I have no idea how he got sick.  I got him from the vet, he's had his shots, they are indoor only kitties and haven't had any contact with any other kitties, I use really good litter that has zero dust (Worlds Best Cat Litter), and feed incredibly good food (Blue Buffalo Longevity Kitten).  I think it might be because I keep it so cold in the house at night, and they were pretty young when they came home, maybe I chilled him or something?  Idk.  Anyhow, doc gave me meds to give both of them for a week and they are all spunky and full of themselves again.  I must mention here, I have had animals my whole life and been actively involved in rescuing dogs cats horses birds and just about any other animal you can think of.  I've doctored, trained and taught hundreds of animals to trust.  I say all of this to make a point-Gracie is THE hardest cat to medicate with liquid antibiotics that ever lived.

Drove Deuce and he did GREAT!!!!  He tries so hard to figure out what you want of him and is so eager to please.  It is blatantly obvious that at some point in time he was not treated very well.  There are certain situations he acts very afraid, and it's always something to do with humans.  But he is already getting to where he trusts us not to hurt him, and it is obvious that he is going to make a fantastic driving horse and buddy for many years to come.   We've all agreed that he is only about 4 years old, about half the age the gal I got him from thought he was.  After finally dressing him in a harness that actually fits him and driving him myself, I am over the moon excited to get him in all the parades and shows.  Not to mention the trail driving.  Yay!!

When fall rolls around I'll bring him by to let the kiddos drive him, Kathleen.  He's going to be an amazing kids horse.

There was an awful wreck in Briar last night around 7pm.  I was on my way to the farm and they had us passing through in the bike path while they loaded the cars up and got them out of there.  Head on.  I hope everyone was ok.  Both cars (one car and one pickup) were completely demolished in the front.  There were pieces of the car all over the road and up in the parking lot of the store it happened in front of.

In just one second, your whole life can change, or end.

One of our managers at Job #2 had to leave early last night because his girlfriend, who happens to be one of our cooks, was giving birth to their twins.  Nobody ever brings up the fact that he wasn't dating her when she got pregnant with the twins.  He is the sweetest guy and loves her and those babies to death.  As far as I'm concerned, that makes him their daddy.  Too many guys are sperm donors and horrible fathers, never coming close to being a daddy.  I can't wait to hold the babies!!!!!!

I am now off of every medicine that the doc had me taking.  The side affects I was having from all of them were worse than what he was supposed to be fixing.  I feel better.

I was sleeping so hard this morning that I had punched the snooze button for half an hour before I even realized it.  That is very unlike me.  I was sleeping like the dead!

Ok, gotta earn my paycheck now.  Take care, all.


  1. Un-medicated women are easier to deal with anyways ;-)
    You need to herd the Duece up Decatur way and give us a ride girl!

  2. It's good that you are medless and side affectless. I remember your writing about those problems a while ago.
    You are so right about being a parent - he must be a lovely man and the new mama is blessed with two new babies and a good dad. It's nice to hear these kinds of stories. Funy how just a couple of sentances can make you feel good.