Monday, July 25, 2011

Lobster Squaw

Why is it that only the songs I seriously dislike get stuck in my head?  Can anyone answer that one????

You know, I don't 'friend' every single person that I've ever known that decide to friend me on FaceBook, only the ones that I truly want to keep up/in contact with.  Some of them are family that I haven't seen since I was a little girl.  All of them are wonderful people.  BUT.  I have a few that the ONLY thing they ever post on there are political comments and/or government discussions.  I don't feel that that is what FB is for.  I mean, if you post something like that once in awhile, great, but don't cover an entire page of my FB with an assload of links.  You have your opinion, great, good for you, I respect that.  But there is a time and a place for everything.  I can't help but wonder what the people that do that are like to sit and have dinner with.  I would shoot myself if I had to be around a few members of my family on a regular basis, if this is the ONLY thing they can talk/bitch about.  *rolls eyes*

Nearly died of heat exhaustion after 5 hours of running around in it with no break for shade Saturday at the parade.  We all had a load of fun though.  I can't wait for the cooler fall and winter parades.  THOSE are the ones we really have a blast at.  Besides, hopefully by then Deuce will be ready to drive in the parades instead of being led.  He drug my butt back to the trailer after all was said and done and the parade was over though, he was a good boy, let me use him as a walking stick.  My boot had gone through blister phase and into open bleeding wound phase before the parade even started.  Since I was afoot, I was the one running around getting everyones harnesses fixed and running back to the trailer for this or that and getting us signed in up at the check in booth, so Deuce and I logged some miles!!  It was really good for him, and he was actually a really good boy.  We had fun.

I didn't go to work yesterday because I had gotten so sick from the heat Saturday.  It was good.  I stayed home nearly all day, only running to IGA for a couple of things we needed.  Otherwise, I stayed in the house in the a/c.  Cleaned house and organized my cupboards.  Didn't make it to cleaning out my terrifying closet though.  Man, that's going to be a project in and of itself.

People really hate getting stuck behind big gooseneck horse trailers.

I need to remember to put sunblock on before I ever leave the house.  Otherwise, I get busy and distracted and forget, and being a pale blond, that many hours in the sun with no shade and in a sleeveless shirt does not work out well.  We were in western clothes, so had the jeans and hat to protect much of me, but the shoulders and arms are pretty well done.  Ouch.

Why do Papoose #2 and I get such a kick out of drive through car washes??  Haha, idk, but we do.  Easy to please peeps, I suppose.

Still no resolution on the 3K for the house mod.   Thinking cap is beginning to give me a headache.


  1. So...You're a cowgirl? Who pulls a gooseneck?

  2. pls be careful in that heat. It can make you alot more than "sick". Thank gawd you took it easy yesterday and recovered. Still loving your blog!