Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, The Rangers Lost

Oh man, this is hilarious!!!   Jessica Alba is suing this company for using her likeness and fake celebrity customer testimony on their site.  People are paying big money for these things.  Umm, yeah,  we use them too.  All it is is a section of neoprene with velcro on the ends!!!!!   We use these things to sweat horses necks to TEMPORARILY tighten them up for shows.  Freaking hilarious!!!  Women are paying 60.00 and up for these  things and we pay, ahem, way less for the exact same thing.  Hey, girls, I've got some Belly Bandits for you, discount pricing too!!!   Hahahhaahaha, oh man, gave me a giggle for the day.....

Mister Wonderful made sure to wake me up again this morning.   Such a peach.  Haha.

LabPup Milo is on day 3 of free rein in my bedroom and master bath area.  So far for the first couple of days he hasn't bothered anything, so fingers crossed this continues.  He IS an 18 month old lab, after all.  Labs don't get out of the puppy stage for about three years.....

I am off from Job #2 today.  I'm on the fence as to whether I hope it keeps raining and stays muddy so I don't have to go work horses at the farm and can stay home and make the parmesan crusted chicken breasts I'm craving, or hoping it dries up enough to get to the farm.......

I'm REALLY sick and tired of my boss being in a shitty mood every day.  He's currently in the kitchen throwing things around.

Someday I won't have to do the ol nine to fiver, someday.....

I watched a lady flirting her ass off with The Real Deal last night.  It was quite intriguing.  There is something about that man that everyone is just drawn to.  I can't explain what it is.  Boy did we all give him three kinds of hell about it.

I do believe TRD is starting to feel a little bit better, after his doctors visit and the meds the doc has started him on.  Last night right as I got there he had asked on of his long time friends, who is one of our cooks now, to please hold the roster for a minute while he went to get a piece of tape to tape it up with.  So he has this poor guy standing there, holding the roster up on the cooler door, waiting for him to come back with tape.  Idk how long he'd been standing there, but when I walk in I see TRD sitting on a stool in the front of the store watching tv and laughing his ass off, and all the other cooks in the kitchen were laughing their asses off too.  I look thru the kitchen door and see this guy standing there looking like he's trying to keep the cooler from tipping over with one hand, madly texting with the other, saying "my God, where IS he????"  I was like omg man, he must be messing with you!!!!  It was pretty funny tho.  Oh, and by the end of the evening, the roster was posted using band aids to hold it.

I had my ass royally ripped by a deaf/mute woman.  She was an absolute troll, one of those people with a permanent scowl on her face.  One of the people you can tell walk out of the house looking for reasons to be an asshole every day.  The nicer I was to her, the meaner she got, till she got so frustrated, she first threw a bunch of paper towels at me, then my pen, then her bowl.  It was like something out of a movie.  I was incredibly entertained, while all the guys I work with were quite traumatized.  That woman was MEAN.  The whole problem started when she elbowed her way through some customers that were standing there ordering in order to vehemently motion the cashier that had taken her order over to her table.  I told him to continue with his current customer, and I went over to assist her.  She grabbed my pen out of my hand and wrote on the back of her receipt how awful her dinner was, and that she was disgusted.  She had eaten EVERYTHING on her plate.  So I nicely asked her what she would like instead, she told me, then threw the paper towels at me.  I went and ordered her up another whole dinner.  Took it back to her table.  She threw the pen at me and violently motioned me away.  I went back later to check on her and she grabbed my pen again and wrote on a paper towel how awful it was and how she was never eating there again.  She had eaten ALL of it again.  People, our portions are NOT SMALL.  This little troll woman had put down some SERIOUS food.  She throws my pen at me again, then picks up her bowl and hurls it at me.  Gets up, grabs her drink, stomps over to the trash can and slings it in there. Walks towards the door, knocking into other customers who looked at her like she was an alien.  Phone rings, I answer, taking a phone order.  Next thing I know, troll woman is standing in front of me banging on the counter top in front of me.  I ignore her and continue to take the order.  She picks up some to go menus and flings them at me.  I finish the order and look up and she is wildly gesturing and gutterally telling me that some ASS (yes, I could make out ASS) threw her DAMN drink away!!!!!!   I just looked at her and started giggling.  I couldn't help it.  I'm sorry, even as a kid, I NEVER have EVER made fun of ANYONE in a mean way, but you try dealing with a crazy deaf/mute bottomless pit troll woman and not lose it.  I double dog dare ya.

Bless her heart.

Also had an older very well off woman that fell in lust with one of my cashiers.  She was having herself a little toot of Chardonnay.  Or two.  Or six.  (Yes, I made sure her sober friend was driving her home).  Anyhow, this gal was hysterical with her antics trying to get this guys attention.  She was doing everything but putting bills in his g string, trying to get him to go home with her.  I finally told her "Honey, I know he is one big hunk of handsome, too bad he is as gay as the day is long.  You are batting your lashes at from the wrong bench sweetie"  It was priceless.  He is not gay, by the way.  I told him what I told her, and later on when nobody else was out on the patio, he went out to check the area and when they asked to use his lighter he made sure afterwards, as he was walking away, to say "Now you gurrrrrrrrrls have a FAB evening!!"  in his silliest voice, and sashayed his way back inside.  Prime time priceless!!

Speaking of gay, there are two of the neatest customers that I am going to miss tremendously when I'm sent back to Euless full time.  They are the neatest guys and I've become quite attached to them.  Dang it all.

I've blah blah blahed enough at you for the day.  Thanks for tuning in.

Stop and appreciate something small today, all.


  1. I always try to remind myself that people like the deaf woman is just a baby soul. She still needs a punch.
    The woman in the post-baby pictures looks horrible. All withered and shit. She looks how you are supposed to look after having a baby and she didn't need to buy a horse sweat thing.

  2. Mean people never cease to amaze me. Sometimes it's just so preposterous, ya gotta laugh! ;-)

  3. sometimes i have to remind myself that without out mean, grumps roaming around...well, life would be boring... i mean, who wants sunshine and roses all the time? very mundane indeed