Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I feel like my body needs a break.  I think I will start a juice only diet for a few days and reset everything.  I think that is a bit overdue.  There are so man many (Corner, you are SO funny, and probably right!!  heehee)  good juices you can get with veggies and fruits in them, makes it a snap.  I think I shall start tomorrow, since I've already inhaled about half a pot of coffee since my feet hit the floor this morning.

I took Papoose #2 and her little friend to cross country practice this morning.  I closed last night.  I was a sleepy mommy when the alarm went off this morning.  The girl we take in every day is still quite entertaining to me.  Cute as a button, too.

Not sure how I feel about the Amanda Knox thing.  You know, I keep thinking about what it would be like to be accused of something so severe and that you didn't do.  How it takes your life away from you.  That would be absolutely horrific.  Then again, when you are the family of the victim, and if the person really is guilty, that has to be awful too.  Idk.

The two amigos, also known as Moses Cat and Gracie Cat, figured out how to get into the wooden bin that I've always kept their cat food in.  They figured it out a couple of months ago, so I moved their cat food bag into the garage where I keep the dog food.  Now, I always know when they are getting low on food in their bowl, because I will hear Moses cat open the wood bin lid and let it drop.  It's pretty funny.  Even though he has figured out his food is no longer in there, he also has figured out that when he opens the lid and drops it shut, his human will scurry out and feed him.  Silly kitty.

Nekkid Jay Bird

Nekkid Jay Bird Creepy Bony Back
As you can see, Nekkid Jay Bird is kinda creepy.  And way mean.  Haha.  Funny bird.  I am hoping he grows some feathers back.  Poor thing is freezing all the time right now.  But he's pretty neurotic, so I wouldn't be surprised if he plucks them out as fast as they try to grow in.  We shall see.  Obnoxious bird.

Man, the Payroll Wench's son that works here now is getting more and more obnoxious.  More and more bossy and insistent.  A real pain in the ass, in other words.  He may run some good employees outta here, when it's all said and done.  Plus, he walks around belching really loud and snorting and snuffling and hawking up loogies.  I'm really sick of listening to it.  Not to mention his daily naps on the couch in our ENTRYWAY. Boots off and snoring up a storm.  Customers come in and have no idea how to behave.  Talk about unprofessional.  So embarrassing to be associated with that.  As for the Payroll Wench, for being THE most judgmental bitch I've ever run across, she says and does NOTHING about her disgusting, no manner, full of himself, LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS idiot son.  Seriously?  I mean, SERIOUSLY??  Our boss has been in a constant pissed off mood since the moron started here and takes it out on all of us, because he fears confrontation and will NOT take it out on the ones hes pissed at.  Nor will he ever fire the guy.  Lord.

There are very few lipsticks, lip glosses, and chapsticks that I can use.  Most of them, whether they are expensive or cheaply made, have some ingredient in them that makes me cough uncontrollably.  So weird.  Very uncomfortable and annoying.  It's bad enough that I CANNOT keep it on if it starts making me cough.  Forgot my chappy at home this morning so grabbed a Nivea Kiss of Smoothness when I was at the IGA to return a movie I didn't realize we still had this morning.  Been coughing since I put it on.  Damn lips are chapped though, so I'll have to go buy something else at lunch. Time waster.

Was charged almost sixteen bucks for a movie that sucked so bad, I didn't even watch all of it.  Now THAT chaps my ass!!!!!!

Whooooeeeee!!!!!  Dat boy done pissed off the other office girl but good now!!!  Man he was a prick to her.  I totally don't blame her for seething right now.  Freaking frustrating to have to deal with it when it's being shoveled out by family of the owner and Payroll Wench.  What an asshole.

I wish I could still find the Archer Farms brand Buttered Rum flavored coffee.  That was the best coffee I've ever purchased.  They don't carry that flavor anywhere I've checked around North Texas anymore.  Bummer.  I mean, how many flavors of frigging chocolate coffee can the world need?  Bleh.

I hate feeling insecure.  Hate hate hate it.  With as crazy as things are in life right now, the last thing I need is something else to fret about.  But we can't control our emotions, can we?  No fair.

I have to work now.  Enjoy your day and this beautiful weather everyone.


  1. Man juices? What is on your mind this morning girl? I really don't think it's birds and coffee!!!


  2. LOVE the "Wench" reference....! Brings back memories. ;-)

    The bird looks AWFUL! I'm going to start calling you my Doolittle Friend.

    And I'm you -- the Amanda Knox stuff bothers me all 'round. If she's innocent....if she's not....what the hell happened?? I'm very conflicted on her release. First they're all talking about what a psycho she is, now they're celebrating her release.

  3. see if you can find your coffee online. Worth a shot, I know how important good coffee is!! :) Kick that obnoxious boy in the nutz while sleeping. Or drop something on de nutzsack while he a sleepin.

  4. that poor nekkid bird! he looks sorta psycho.. wonder if you could get a little sweater on him so he's not cold bwahahaha

    you have some real characters around your work place... man...

    i haven't followed amanda knox stuff... i was sort of worn out after the casey anthony stuff and didn't jump in for amanda knox... i have had conrad murray on each day though.. but it's not as interesting for some reason...

    our favorite coffees are the heb taste of texas ones... i think coach always gets the pecan flavored one... i don't really care anymore so long as i have caffeine lol