Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mister Wonderful Has Hired a Hit Man

This place is chaos.  The phones are fucked up again and everyone turns it into another reason for drama and stupid head games against each other.  I finally lost it and ripped into the boss and the payroll wench.  Bleh.  Get outta my office assholes.

Also got into it with Jughead, payroll wenches son yesterday morning, first thing.  Happy Monday.  I had brought some breakfast tacos for everyone to share, and I'll be damned if I didn't walk past the kitchen and see JH with the entire BAG ripped open and out on the table like some kind of redneck place mat, going to town stuffing his face with ALL of the food I brought.  Thank goodness I'd told the other office chick to go grab her one right before that!  Anyhow, lets just say, the shit hit the fan and the fan was on high.  I lost it.  I raised my voice to payroll wench saying 'IS HE IN THERE EATING ALL THE FOOD I BROUGHT FOR EVERYONE TO SHARE??? IS HE REALLY DOING THAT??????  HE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT EVERYONE HERE IS NOT HIS MOTHER AND NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FEEDING HIS FUCKED UP ASS AND HE NEEDS TO ASK FIRST AND WE ARE ALL SICK AND DAMN TIRED OF HIS BULLSHIT AND HAVING TO HIDE OUR FOOD AND PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT!!!!!  Made sure JH overheard it.  He gets up cussing and stomping around saying WELL IT WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE WHERE MOM ALWAYS LEAVES MY BREAKFAST AND SHE SAID THAT ANYTHING I THERE IS ALL MINE!!!!  I'm like SERIOUSLY???????????????????????  Payroll Wench keeps trying to hug me and apologize and I was like no way, it's not just this, this is just the straw that broke fucked up the camel.....so pissed I can't even cuss straight!!  heehee

He also lost the company camera for a couple of weeks and tried blaming it on the other office girl.

He also locked the keys inside a customers truck and we had to pay a locksmith to come get them out.  He tried to say that somebody else HAD to have come by and locked them in there, because there was NO WAY he did it.  Dude, you just drove the truck into the MIDDLE of the yard, got out and walked into the office, went back out and the fucker was like fort knox.  IT WAS YOU, JUGHEAD!!!   He's running around saying "Did anyone walk by here??? Did you see anyone walk by here at all???  Someone locked the keys in that truck!!!!"   Fucking wingnut!

I think Mister Wonderful has a hit out on me.  All of his crazy fucking family from back east, even ones I've never met in my life, keep trying to friend me on Facebook lately.  MW ditched his FB page months ago, after he got a bunch of his women pissed off and cat fighting on there over him.  He recently created a new page and didn't tell me, which is fine by me.  What's funny is, he is friending a bunch of people I'm friends with, so of course it pops up on my page.  I giggle every time that happens, he has no clue how I found out he has a new fb page.  Retard.  Anyhow, the whole crazy ass family trying to friend me, someone new every damn day, has me concerned.  Plus, when I say something to him about any of it, he says things like "Why, whatever would make you think that, honey?" or "Beautiful wife of mine, I could never dream of doing such a thing to you"  MW does NOT talk like that.  Well, not to me, maybe to his ho bags, but not to me.  If I disappear guys, please let the police know he is a suspect.

The Real Deal is sick.  Don't know what is wrong with him.  Found him a doc to see, they put him on stomach meds for his tummy issues, and Paxil for his anxiety problems with all he has going on.  Did blood work and took urine samples.  Never bothered to call him with results, so I rode his ass till he finally called them today.  His glucose and creatinine levels are well below the acceptable limits, for one thing.  And they don't give him an appointment to see the doc to go over his results or to do a better physical till late in NOVEMBER???  What the hell????   He already has ongoing health issues, which he voiced his concerns about to the doc when they met a few weeks ago, and they still don't have any sense of urgency or give a shit to get him in there and get to figuring things out and fixing it???  Really??  I'm so pissed off right now I can't see straight.  I've never in my  life lived anywhere it was so hard to find a decent doctor.  Took me years to find one for my kids after moving here that would actually listen and DO something about issues, and now trying to find one for TRD.  I'm disgusted.  He has Blue Cross if anyone has a really phenomenal doctor they could refer please.  Fuck.

James Earl has gone to live with the other office chick, the one that already has his brother.  He is incredibly loved and spoiled and happy. I miss him like crazy but am so happy they love him and have time for him that I just don't have right now.

Psycho Nekkid JayBird is still psycho and nekkid.  But she really loves her some music.  Tries to sing along and dances and does the Stevie Wonder.  Hilarious.

I finally have all of my hours back.  I'm at it every day and night of the week and the two jobs, except for Wednesday nights.  This is a relief.  I need the money.  This is gonna be a piece of cake, getting this mortgage repayment thing done. No problem.

MW refuses to help.  Fuck him.

My dear friend from forever is moving out here and in with us.  I want her here sooner rather than later.  She has stuff to attend to before she can come out.  It can't be soon enough.  She is my heart sister and I love her and love looking forward to getting her here.

Papoose #1 came home this past weekend.  I got to cook her dinner and visit her Friday night, then she was busy with friends Saturday, then Papoose #2 and I had to work Sunday and she had to get home before we got back.  It was still a seriously wonderful visit with her.  I miss her so much.

Papoose #1 called me yesterday, nearly in tears.  She's been having a really rough time of it lately.  Then yesterday she's on the phone with one of her residents and she sneezed so hard, her phone slipped out of her hand and shot across the room, shattering the screen on impact.  This happened in front of a couple hundred other kids.  Poor Poose.   So now she's broke and can't pay the 100.00 deductible to replace it, and I sure as shootin don't have it to give her.  Am I a bad mom because I couldn't help but giggle as she was telling me the story???  Really??  You sneezed your phone into a gazillion pieces??  Poor kid.   We will figure it out.  One of her friends has an older phone she's letting her use till we get a game plan.

I think life is a wonderful adventure.  I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.


  1. Screw MW. Men, I swear. And payroll wenches son. What a dipfu**. Nuff said.

  2. Reading your blog makes me think I might need to start taking Paxil.

  3. P.S. you should pick a name other than "Jughead" for that dumbass kid. It's too close to "Jarhead" and I don't want to be confused with someone who is stupid and crazy.


  4. Jarhead, Jughead....same difference.

  5. I'm punching you in the teeth Saturday for that little comment.

  6. Hey Jar; at least she uses your kind of language.

  7. i must admit that when i first read this and saw Jughead... well, let's just say i had to go back and re-read... i couldn't imagine Jarhead eating all the breakfast tacos at your job ha!

    sounds like MW is getting a bit worried about what you are doing... future plans etc... good for him... a little too late though eh