Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is Good

Papoose #2 had her district cross country meet yesterday.  She placed 10th overall out of all the tons of girls there, running varsity, and her team placed 1st!!!  District Champs!!  Hi ho, hi ho, on to Regionals we go.....

So damn proud of that kid.

Papoose #1 is planning on coming home for next semester.  She has done too much and burned herself out.  Needs to come home and regroup, save some money and take care of some online courses she needs to get out of the way anyhow.  I think the big breakup with the boyfriend is an issue to.  She is having hell making a life for herself outside of his circle.  It's not been pretty.  So, she will be doing what we agreed she would do in the first place....spend one semester at home, working and taking classes, so that she can head back into the fray a bit more prepared financially.  Besides, she just barely turned 19 and is a Junior in college already.  Not like she can fall behind. She is YEARS ahead of everyone else her age.  Over achiever.  Haha.

No, Papoose #1, I am and never could be disappointed in you in any way shape or form.  So there.

I've always been way too lazy to be a good student.  Even if I had gone to college, I don't think I would have the willpower to do well.  I'm a slug.

We have been chosen to be in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights, kicking off the holiday season!!!  Yay!!!!  Now to get all those lights and decorations purchased.  Entry fee of $125.00, hopefully all of us will split that.  The parade is on Black Friday everyone.  So come out and see it the day after Turkey Day!!

My new driving horse is being delivered to me at the horse show we will be at this weekend.  He's very young.  I am hoping a month will be long enough to get him tuned up to where he can be in the parade.  A parade is a HUGE accomplishment for a horse, so I'm hoping I will be able to find enough time to work with him that he will be confident enough to deal with all the noise and people and scary stuff.  Hoping Wed nights and Saturdays will be enough driving time to get him there....we shall see.

My Bestie that is moving here from Cali is planning on flying me out there either November 17th or December 1st.  I'm really hoping it ends up being the 17th, that would be SO much easier for me.  But I'm game for whatever she needs me to do.  I'd love to have her here for Thanksgiving and the parade though.  That would be stellar.

I have had a horrific migraine today.  I feel like absolute crap when those things happen.  Gross out city.

I try to have a really good attitude about working so much, and usually I'm totally with it and grateful I've got the opportunity to do it.  I was really surprised at myself at how pissed off I was that I had to miss the get together this past Saturday.  It's surprised me how disappointed and upset and sorta resentful I was about it. You ever surprise yourself with your reaction to things like that?

I don't know if you remember me talking about Mister Wonderfuls Best Friend who married the gal he barely knew and they were expecting a baby with Downs Syndrome?  Well, they went ahead and did a C Section on momma yesterday and the baby is now with us in this world.  All blessings sent to them that they will be healthy and happy.

The Real Deal gets the keys to his new castle today.  Yay for him!!

TRD had a blow out on his front drivers side tire last night on his way home from work.  Thank goodness he is ok.

FYI, if you call that Texas Roadside Assistance number on the back of your drivers license, all they will do is send a tow truck out to you.  You have to pay for whatever rip off tow truck service they send PLUS another 40 dollar fee to the state for dispatching them.  Seriously??  We have smart phones now, call your own fucking tow truck and save some money.  Give me a damn break.

Papoose #2 is still dead serious about being an RN and joining the military.  She has been determined to do this since she was like three years old.  She has also shown a growing interest in focusing on hospice care down the line.  Going to have to get El Chupacabra to give her some advice and guidance her in the next year or so.   I can't believe she's already a sophmore in high school!!!!!!

Probably a good thing I missed the shindig this weekend, Jar probably would have clubbed me with a wine bottle the first time I called him my Bestie...........

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  1. Papoose # 2 should go for it! Sounds like a great career.