Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mechanics, Besties and New Homes

So busy over here.  Wow.  So much going on.  I distinctly remember a time in my life when it was work, grocery store, home, cook dinner etc, read, bed.   Why am I busier now that I'm older than I was when I had young children???  haha

Looking like my Bestie will be moving out here sooner than planned.  That would be absolutely fanfreakingtastic!!!   We are just working on getting the details worked out for her with all her personal business.  Then I hop a plane and go drive her back here!!!!!!

Jar, why does my blog make you need Paxil???   You being an ass to me??  Should I get pissed at you?  Let me know, and I'll adjust my attitude accordingly.  *narf*

The Real Deal has found him a really nice place to rent.  Now I will have TWO homes :-)   Super cool.

I keep forgetting how far into 2011 we are.  I really do.  I'm shocked every time I realize it's almost Halloween.  I get to where I keep my head down working and getting through the day to day, and I lose track.  Of course, working so much has me to where every single morning the second I wake up, I take inventory of what day it is and where I need to be.  It makes me giggle every morning.

Heading to the taco shack today.  And man am I ever starving.  Haven't gone out to lunch in forever, for one reason or another.  Looking forward to it today!!

Had last night off from Job #2.  Got the oil changed in the jalopy.  On the way down to my appointment to do that, the traction control light and the brake light came on.  I was like OMG what is wrong with you, jalopy?????  The radiator light had been coming on the past couple weeks too, but not since I added a teeny bit of coolant to it.  Plus, the windshield wiper fluid thingie hadn't been working since they replaced a turn signal bulb in it some time ago for me.  Something about the headlamp squirter hose thingie.  So I sat in the waiting room reading People mags and imagining all the horrific things they were going to tell me was wrong with my car and how much it would cost.  I sat there obsessing about how I don't have the money to fix it, but I need the car to get to the jobs to make the money so OMG whatever will I do.  Think think think, we can figure this out, just think it through, Squaw...................................

An hour and a half later, they drop the lift and he comes back into the office and says "Well, you are going to be upset with me....." OH.SHIT.  Why, I ask him.  "Because your car takes 7 quarts of oil so I had to charge you for 2 extra quarts of oil"  Holy hell man!!!  I know the damn thing takes 7 quarts of oil, could have told you that!!!!  Now whats the verdict????  Is he gonna live?????  Whats wrong with my jalopy???????  He says "Well, we went over every bit of the cooling system to check if you had any leaks and there aren't any.  We also checked absolutely everything on your brake system and it's perfectly fine, just a little low on brake fluid so we added some.  Your pads look great btw, still at like 90%, so you are good for a long while on those.  And we checked everything out on the wiper fluid issue and think we have it resolved, if not call us and we will get it back in here and see what the matter is"

I was like "Ok, whats the skinny......shit NEVER goes that smoothly for me. Whats up?? Are you in on the whole hitman thing with Mister Wonderful??  Come on, spill it buddy!!!!!!!!"

Nope.  That was it.  Just a simple oil change.  (Mobile 1 synthetic, high mileage, 7 quarts).  Nothing else was wrong!!!  Plus, they did an hour and a half worth of checking and searching and filling brake fluid and washer fluid and didn't charge me an extra dime for it.   I <3 them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the taco shack with ma homies.   Yummy.  Sure wish we followed the old siesta rule around these parts.

I'm getting back to work.  Have some phone work to do.  Good times, love collecting money.  Wheeee!!!

Take care, all.


  1. Good Eggs make the world go 'round. =) Don't let Jar project onto you either...Paxil would do him good. Period. LOL

    I'm so pleased about your Bestie, RD's home, etc. Great environment you've got going!

    And you know what? Another lady & I were lamenting the whole "thought it became less busy when they became older??" Assumption fail.

  2. i'm so glad that you giggle when you look at your crazy day ha! just reading your stuff makes me have to nap hahaha

    i bet TRD is happy about having more space to live in..and you another place to go... fabulous!

    don't you just hate going to the auto shops of any kind? waiting and waiting to find out the $ verdict... makes me throw up every time lol