Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Woulda Thunk Not Giving A Shit Would Be Like Being Medicated???

We are out of Q-Tips, and I keep forgetting to buy more.

Yesterday was so crazy busy here at Job #1.  It was also entertaining.  Every single time we have a storm of any kind, and yes that means just some really heavy rain, something will go sideways with our phone system here.  So, instead of making the worthless communications guy they refuse to cut free figure out WHY that happens, they just pay him to come in and fix everything every time.  One born every minute, like they say.  Anyhow, lately Boss Man here has decided he's "had enough!" and by God, he will figure the problem out himself and not pay that guy to come out all the time!!!  Yes, that is where the entertainment factor comes in.  Hahaha.

Needless to say, the telephone guy was out here after a couple of hours of goofy keystone cops entertainment by Boss Man and Idiot Boy the Payroll Wenches son.  Good times.

So, I really can't explain how liberating and calming it feels to finally be ok with not trying to make Mister Wonderful happy, and refusing to play his shitty games and ride his emotional roller coaster.  I've had an amazing five days.  My stress level has dropped astronomically.  Himself doesn't know what to do.  He was going to "show me" and never showed up at home Friday night.  Papoose #2 and I went to the farm right after I got off Job #1 and worked and trained horses for the show and had a blast.  When we pulled into our driveway around 9 or so that night, I felt nothing but relief that his car wasn't there.  Never heard from him all night.  He was really showing me.  I made Papoose #2 and I a yummy dinner and then we read a book together.  Wow, it was just AWFUL!! Haha.

Evidently, some time around 5 in the morning, he was beating on Papoose #2's window to be let in the house. Drunk off his ass, he slept until 1pm Saturday afternoon.  Then he did his usual weekend thing, played video games and watched tv.

I did a huge cleaning on my house Saturday, since I had the day off.  It was awesome. Got all my laundry done and cleaned that place top to bottom.  Well, I didn't get to steam the floors, ran outta steam before I got that done, so to speak.  Haha.

Anyhow, I wasn't giving MW the silent treatment at all.  I just didn't have a single thing I wanted to say to him.  As a matter of fact, I haven't had a single thing I really wanted to say to him for YEARS now, I just always forced myself to be polite and sweet and thoughtful and, ME.  I don't have to do that anymore.  It was so nice to just do my thing.

Well, by Monday morning I'm woke up by MW kissing me on the head and saying to himself "it's a new week".  I pretended to be asleep.  Then I get a text later "It's a new week.  You did a great job on the house, thank you.  Hope you enjoy the coffee"  Dude, grab some Prozac, it's not going to work this time.  I'm not all about "keeping the peace" anymore.  Not if keeping the peace means I roll with your roller coaster of emotions and melt downs.  I've unstrapped the harness and stepped off that ride.  Sorry man.

Now he keeps texting and trying to be nice.  I am ever so thankful I'm working so much.  It keeps me from being forced to deal with him.  I don't have to make the choice to piss him off by not letting him schmooze over the fact that he is and always will be an infantile narcissist.

I've come to the decision that as I grow older, I'm totally giving in to my inner Ouiser.  I'm gonna wear whatever I want, even if it's not age appropriate, have my pets and say whatever the hell is on my mind.  I may even wear the funny hats, although I'm terrible for forgetting I've got a hat on and knocking the hell out of  myself, so the jury is still out on that one.  I sincerely doubt I will ever be the quiet sweet lil ol lady.  I'm way too obnoxious for that.

Adding another work day to my Job #2 schedule.  Not going to make enough money for the mortgage and everything otherwise.  It'll be good though.  Going to add Friday night.  I can get 6 more hours in, and still keep Saturdays off like I've done the past few weeks, so I have a whole day off each week.  Sweet!!!

I have a system for my mornings. I have a lot to do in the mornings, but it goes very smoothly because I have a system. This morning, for some reason, I had to spend 15 minutes tracking down the food bowls and food scoopers just so I could feed all of the animals. I did not appreciate that.  If everything is where it belongs, I have the animals all taken care of in less than 10 minutes.  Why, for instance, would I find Milo's food dish in Papoose #1's bedroom, his water bucket in the horse pen, the little dogs water bowl on the dining room table, the cats water bowl by the bird cage, and one of the little dogs food bowls totally disappeared?  It was like a Twilight Zone episode or something.

Also, I have asked MW repeatedly to make a decent dog area for the little dogs. I was already running late because of hunting down all the tools I need to do my normal morning routine, then I open the front door (because Lilly has taught all of them to never stay in the backyard anymore) to let the little dogs in and all three of them are in the middle of the road out there with the big black and white dog that belongs to the kid down the street.  Thats the same dog that goes around dumping everyones trash cans and crapping all over the place. Lilly was the only one that would come to me, because Herman didn't want to mind me and James Earl only does what Herman does. I called and called and Herman refused to come into the yard. I got Lilly in the house with Milo and walked out to the road to try and get the other two, just in time to have a man nearly hit ME swerving into our driveway trying not to hit Herman. I apologized and thanked him for trying to miss the dog and picked Herman up and carried him in. James Earl refused to follow, so after going in and locking Lilly and Herman up, I went back out and finally got James Earl to stop running around long enough to catch him.

When I got back into the house, I had a text from Papoose #2 asking me to please drop some lunch money off at the office for her.

I was late to work.  I was also ticked off at MW's irresponsible lazy ass.

I emailed him about it.

His response??  A text that said "damn that would of been a long text. you write so good, very pretty"

And the beat goes on...................................... 


  1. Hello angry. A sense of humor helps but when it comes to MW I'd go for a baseball bat.

  2. Nah...wouldn't do any good. Poison would do the trick. Did I just say that?

  3. Just reading "MW" stuff puts me into a snit. I can't imagine what it's like for you.

  4. i'm thinking no bat would make a difference... you being happy is going to be torture enough for MW