Monday, October 3, 2011

Nekkid Snake Birds, Broken Hearts and Washing the Jalopy

Found out this weekend that Papoose #2 has never seen the movie Say Anything.  Loves me some John Cusack, love love love him, always have.  So the first evening I have off this week, we're totally watching that movie.  It'll be popcorn, snuggle, chick flick time at our house!

I honestly don't know how so many people have time to have all these shows they watch on tv.  I mean, do you just get off work every single day and plop down on the couch and watch tv till midnight, or what?  It's unimaginable to me, really.  I have to schedule time just to watch one movie on dvd, forget trying to catch stuff thats on tv.  Haha.

Mister Wonderful and I had to run a couple errands in Lake Worth Saturday morning.  On the way back through Azle I told him to stop in at the car wash, because the jalopy was in desperate need of a washing.  He griped and groaned about being put out by stopping, but stop he did.  He also sat in the drivers seat of the car looking stuff up and texting on his phone while I got out and washed the car.  It was a rather interesting dynamic, to say the least.  A guy in the next bay was like, "Now thats a good woman there!!!"  when I first started the water up and was getting started.  Then, after I was out there a few minutes he sorta looks around the wall again and says "Umm, is his leg broke or something?"  HAHAHA.  I said "No, he just has sever personality flaws!!!"   Hahahahaa.   MW didn't see the humor in dudes noticing his lazy ass sitting in the car playing on his phone while the lil woman washed the car.  *Snicker*

A good friend of mine showed up Saturday afternoon/early evening with her dog for me to dogsit till Tuesday night.  I don't recall agreeing to this, but whatever.  I don't mind watching dogs that I've trained for people. They know what I want them to do and are generally pretty easy to live with.  This guy is the last dog I took in and trained and placed before I stopped doing the rescue stuff as a matter of fact.  He's the crazy goofy looking one with the body of a lab and the head of a greyhound.  He looks like a cartoon, and you can't help but giggle when you look at him.

We are only a couple of weeks away on the due date for the little baby MW's BestFriend and his wife are expecting.  This is the baby with downs syndrome.  All prayers and love to those people as they learn how to be first time parents at 40 and 41 years old.  I pray they settle in ok.  BestFriend is used to white carpet and everything perfect at all times.  Parenthood is most definitely NOT white carpets, quiet and everything perfect at all times.  You show me ONE person, no matter how anal, that has ever had a car seat in their car without at least one cheerio or french fry underneath it, I dare ya.

Well, ended up taking in a bird for a lady that is in hospice and will not make it more than a couple more weeks.  This bird and a cat were left in the ladies home when she was taken to the hospital.  For weeks.  How they were both alive is beyond me.  The bird plucked out every single feather it could reach, and is so thin that I don't see where it gets the strength to climb on it's perch.  You can't handle it, it strikes at you like a snake.  So there I was out in the back yard Saturday afternoon, trying to clean 5 years worth of accumulated crap and stuff off of a cage, bird inside, without being bit when I had to move the cage or take the accessories out of the cage to wash them.  It was a hoot.  It is a Quaker Parrot.  Also known as Monk Parakeets.  They are incredibly smart, and in the top 10 talkers of the bird world.   I had one for many many many years, and you could have whole conversations with him.  He knew what all the words meant and would use them appropriately every time.  He's the one that Mister Wonderful let outside when he was mad at me one day, and when he decided that was a bad idea, was calling the bird out of the tree in the front yard and the bird flew to him and right before he got to him MW's cat jumped up and snatched the bird out of the air and killed him.  It was awful.  MW has felt horrible about that since he did it, and has taken extra time to talk to this new bird.  I'd hate to carry guilt about something like that around.  That would suck.

I'll get pics of the nekkid bird and post them.  I forgot to snap any this weekend, was so busy.

Papoose #1 is having a tough time of it right now.  I don't know the specifics, but I'm getting the feeling she hooked back up with her shitty ex boyfriend again and got herself way more than hurt by him again.  She's feeling the pain.  I get some texts from her about it, but I think she's feeling like such an ass for falling for it and getting screwed, she is hesitant to tell me the whole truth, and I won't push her.  We've all made those dumb ass mistakes and paid for them, haven't we?  I hate to know she's going through such pain, but I hope that this may help her get past him and move on maybe.  That's the only positive spin I can put on the whole thing.

I would like to close with this:  Whoever you were that saw me coming for a quarter mile, yet pulled off the side road onto 730 right in front of me this morning and proceeded to drive 30 mph down the middle of the road, I want to say thank you, thank you so much.  It was a wonderful test of my patience and Christian attitude first thing on a Monday morning.  It was a really special time we shared this morning, and I wanted to take a minute to thank you.  Thank God ONE of us was paying attention.  You are a super special person, and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

The End.

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  1. i can't believe there is a female alive over the age of 15 that hasn't seen "Say Anything"! astounding... has she heard THE song? In Your Eyes has got to be one of the all time great movie songs...

    i'm with you in the Cusak love... that man is right up there near the top of my "list"... mmmhmmm

    another one of his flicks that i really like is "High Fidelity"... his lists of five are great! oh and we must not forget Jack Black when viewing this flick.. he is such a freakin hoot! and that man can really sing!

    those poor animals! what became of the cat? my old boss at the previous job used to breed and sell parrots... african greys i think they were... i just remember they looked incredibly ugly when babies... bald... he would bring them to work in a large container when they were so little LOL they reminded me of a baby those ones from the show "Land of the Lost" or something ha