Friday, October 21, 2011

What??? It's Friday???? Seriously???? Am I Being Punked?

I have to admit, even though I really have zero interest in baseball, I was thankful for the three hundred flat screen tv's we have at Job #2 last night, so I could keep an eye on that Rangers game.  Very cool.  Loved watching all the fans watch the game, too.  We stayed open late, because so many people straggled in from here and there, having been listening to it on the radio and wanting to SEE it.  We let them all in, seated them and served them.  It was a fun time when they won and everyone, this eclectic mixture of people, were all hugging and high fiving and carrying on.  Pretty sweet deal.

Papoose #1 is coming home this weekend.  At first I thought "Wow, she really misses us!!!"  Then I found out there is a lady close to home that is willing to give her a free sugar glider  :/  hahahahaha.  Don't care, she's coming home for a couple days, that's all that matters!  She will be here to pick Papoose #2 up from school after practice and take her to the farm to work her horse.  Then she will be here for the horse-show-prep-party tomorrow.  Just like old times when she was showing, only now she'll be helping her little sis get horses ready.  Pretty cool!!

She is also bringing me a Route 44 Diet Coke with Extra Lime when she gets into town, since it will be happy hour when she rolls by the Sonic.....yeahhhhhhhhhh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a guy come in with his wife and son last night.  Was incredibly rude and short with me the entire transaction.  I kept on killing him with kindness.  He was the same way to his family.  Covered in tatoos, shaved head, short and stocky.  He was mean enough that the other cashier looked at me and walked off.  Then when he payed with a debit card and signed his reciept, he added a five dollar tip on there.  Made me sort of stop and think about things.  It was such a sweet and sour interaction.....then he came back up to ask me for a to go box and was incredibly nice.   Makes me wonder what on earth is going on in his world that he was mean in the beginning.  I wonder that about most people that behave in an ugly or angry way.

My Bestie is keeping busy taking care of her business in preparation for her big move to Texas.  Don't know yet when the move will be, but she made me laugh yesterday when she said "I have LISTS!!"  Going to be a major blessing once she is here.  Hopefully the weather will be decent whenever she is finally ready and I fly out and we drive back.

Mister Wonderful left the dogs without food for two days because he "was broke".  Once I found that out I of course picked some up for them immediately.  He sure wasn't too broke to buy beer and Pizza Hut every night I was working.  He also still refuses to pay his fair half of the mortgage.  When I approach him about it, he says "Sell the fucking thing!!".  No can do dude.  My plan is to keep the fucking thing and kick your sorry ass out of it the second I can replace your piss ant $600.00 you 'usually' give me towards the entire households expenses, including the mortgage.  Fucktard.  That day is arriving ever so much sooner than I thought it was going to...........

This morning I didn't even realize it was Friday.  When a friend of mine emailed me and said TGIF I laughed and told her I didn't remember it was Friday.  She says "OMG, how can you EVER forget it's FRIDAY???!!!  WTF is WRONG with you???!!!"   I explained to her that sheer exhaustion can tend to leave you unaware of what day it is, every day runs into the next.  Every morning as soon as I open my eyes, I take inventory and figure out what day it is and where I need to be.  It is what it is.  And when you work all weekend, what the fuck difference does it make if it's Friday??

I know one thing though, I'm majorly pissed off that I have to miss yet ANOTHER soiree I've been invited to.  I'm trying really hard to keep a super good outlook and attitude over the next 5 months, keep my head down and work and not spend a penny anywhere I don't absolutely have to, but man, it chaps my ass to have to miss all the fun stuff.  I know it's just a means to an end, and it's not forever though, so I'll shut my whiney yapper now.

So instead, I will spend the day with the Papooses and my friends, clipping horses and getting them ready for the show, then go home and get cleaned up and head out to Job #2.  Have a little fun with my babies and my friends, then go make some money.  Can't complain about that, now can I?  :-)

The Real Deal should be signing his lease on his very nice new little place today.  So incredibly happy for him!!

Coasters are really cool little things, and I've always bought cute ones that match whatever decor my house has going on at the moment, but I can't get anyone in my family to actually USE them.

OH!!  It was hilarious the other day.  I'm running home before heading out to Job #2 and I see an armadillo meandering across 730.  I immediately slow down and try to lead him, figure out what evasive maneuvers I need to do so he doesn't tear my front spoiler off like his long lost cousin did that one time.  There were numerous cars heading both directions on 730 when he decided to make his little trek.  Thank goodness this was just coming out of Boyd, heading towards Azle when it happened, everyone was going a little slower than they would have been otherwise.  Every single vehicle on the road, probably about 15 or so, made sure to go around the little fella.  It was so neat.  It was funny though, when I looked in my rear view mirror after passing looked like all those cars were skiers on a slalom.  Going every which way all over the road trying to keep from killing him.  Made me laugh.  He never veered or swerved, just kept on keeping on his merry little way.  I swear he was whistling a tune as he cruised........................

I think I have a new home for Psycho Nekkid JayBird.  We will see tomorrow.  Someone who is home all day and can give her oodles of attention.  Fingers crossed.

Did I mention that LabPup Milo ate Papoose #1's new glasses the last time she was home??  Can't remember if I did.  But yeah.  Ummm.  He did.

Is it possible to replace the shock system in the jalopy to get a little bit smoother ride, without giving up the way it handles??  Anyone???   Damn low pro tires, need a kidney belt to drive on Wise County roads since I got the new ones.  Oy.

Back to work with me.  

Pet a cat or something today, enjoy life.

We don't HAVE to, we GET to, right Corner?


  1. If you ever use the term "Bestie" again, I shall stop visiting your blog. It's only okay to call your best friend that if you're under 30, which I happen to know for a fact, you are most certainly not.

    The only thing saving you here is that you used "fucktard" in the same post.

  2. Yep, you got it.

    Jar, I'm not gonna forgive her for backing out of the shindig....

    fucktard is now my new go-to word.