Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trifecta Thursday

I've managed to piss pretty much everyone in my life off at me so bad they aren't even speaking to me.

No, I wasn't just "being a bitch" and wasn't just "in a mood".

Papoose #1 hates my guts, and I think, blames me for everything that is wrong in her life.   I try to help and advise and end up the villain.  I have no idea what to do about that situation.

Mister Wonderful told me that everyone hates me and my kids hate me and it's because I'm a big mouthed cunt.  That got started because he was pissed off that I'd called Papoose #1 on something that she did and was dishonest with me about.  Next thing I know I'm being told that I'm completely unlovable and my children hate my guts and I'm worthless and why don't I do everyone a favor and just kill myself.

I admittedly overreacted to finding out The Real Deal wasn't totally honest with me about something and he stopped speaking to me.

Everyone has to wait till I get off work at Job #1 today before they can head to the horse show this weekend.  We have so much to do and set up, I said "Man, is it going to be ok that we have to wait for me to get off of work to leave?" and one of my friends snapped at me "Well it's gonna HAVE to be ok, isn't it?!!"

Dude, I'm batting a thousand here.



  1. i love you! and i'm still speaking to you :) i know that doesn't help too much, but it's something eh?

    sorry you are having such a pissy day....

    wish i could come up with something cute and clever to say to make you smile...

    oh.... my teats are almost dragging the ground!

    (did that do it for you)

  2. A) A dishonest kid needs to be railed upon. You're not her friend, you're her Mother -- and a good one, at that.
    B) That man isn't a real man. I vote that you retort, "When you qualify as a human, I'll consider giving a shit about what you think." =)
    C) Dishonesty is the entry level sin. It makes everything else easier. There's a reason why Those Lied To are repelled by it. It's a skeevy feeling, to be lied to.

    Hang in there, GF. And remember, you have to make sure that You are there for You FIRST. xo

  3. They will all forgive you. Apologize to those that deserve the apology then go eat some chocolate.

  4. Oh man - everybody hating you is my life - wouldn't people be sooo happy if we just said "please, thank you and everything you do is great." I often wonder if I should've raised birds.