Monday, October 31, 2011

A Horse Barn Vacation

I cannot begin to explain how much fun we had at the show this weekend.  Holy Moses.

Have the after fun blues today though.  Haha.

My legs are black and blue from heading for my friend who was driving her young horse in only his second show ever.  When you are a header, you go into the ring when they are done driving and they are all lined up waiting for their results from the judges.  In young or hot horses you need a header for safety, someone who can grab the bridle and control the situation if the horse gets the nutsies.  Although he was pretty well behaved, he was antsy and every time I'd grab his head to settle him down, the end of the cart shaft would get me in the leg.  My thighs are every color of purple under the sun right now hahahahaaha.

This was Papoose #2's first show and she did great!  Especially since she ended up in classes that we never ever taught her about or practiced for.  She was a trooper!!  Although Papoose #1 didn't show, she was there for the whole weekend, helping.  We all had such fun.  I was in pure Heaven!!!

I slept on an olllllld air mattress for the weekend, but was so exhausted every night from all the days fun, I still felt like I was on a cloud when I finally laid down every night.  Of course, since it was an OLD mattress, each morning I would wake up flat on the ground hahahaa.  Papoose #2 slept on a cot in her horses stall.  We couldn't hardly get her to leave his side.  She had such fun.  I slept in the tack stall.  It's so peaceful in the barns at night.  You don't hear anything but the horses munching hay and an occasional whinny.  That is, AFTER I found the master switch to the MASSIVE Halloween display one of the exhibitors sets up every year.  It's incredible and fantastic DURING THE WAKING HOURS, but when we are trying to sleep and the thing keeps going off it makes you want to kill someone.  It also sets all the horses off, making them think someone is there to feed them, so they start clanging around.  Thursday night was a pain in the ass, but Friday morning we did recon so we would know exactly where the master switch was to kill the set up for the evening.  Much better sleep after that  :-)

My new driving horse was delivered to the show this weekend as well.  Oh my my my........I am most definitely IN LOVE.  Whew, he is incredible.  Once he and I get used to each other, I'm going to have SO much fun showing him!!!  Drop dead gorgeous, too.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

My Bestie that I'm flying out to California to pick up and bring back here is bringing the funny lately.  Her aunt lives near the San Jose airport where I'm flying in, and will be the one picking me up from said airport.  Although her aunt usually drives her little pickup, Bestie has made a special request for her to pick me up in her other car...............................her PT CRUISER!!!!!  Yes, Bestie follows my blog, HAHAHAAHA.  Smart ass !!!!  Pretty damn funny, you have to admit.  

I feel SO spoiled and lazy for not being at work for THREE whole days and nights in a row!!!  It felt like a huge fancy vacation!!!!

I am so damn proud of and impressed by Mess, for doing the walk, finishing the walk, and heading right back to work.  That is one damn tough broad, I'll tell you that much!!!!

Jar, thought of you and your wonderful family as we drove through beautiful Granbury on our way to and from Glen Rose this weekend.  Noticed they're working on the getting the town decorated for Christmas already.  Saw the wreaths getting put up on the light poles.  So pretty  :-)

Since coming home, my house kitties mysteriously try to escape the house for the great outdoors. Methinks Mister Wonderful let them out while I was away.  This pisses me off for several reasons.  One, they pick up ear mites and bugs and other yucky things when they are allowed outside, and I don't want that crap carried back into my house.  Two, they are my babies and I don't want them getting hurt or sick outside.  Three, I've spent assloads of money on these two and want them safe in the house and not tripping me every fucking time I try to walk in  or out the door.  Once a kitty decides it wants to be outside part time, it can consider itself a full time outdoor kitty.  I don't want any of the funkiness of outside brought inside, thankyouverymuch!!!  Grrrrrrr.

Oh well, at least everything was alive when I returned home.  That has not always been the case.

When I pulled in the driveway last night, Mister Wonderful was laying in the drive next to the front passenger tire of the Cobra, with his arm all the way up underneath it.  I knew exactly what he was trying to do.  That freaking air filter is the biggest pain in the ass to replace, with the stupid way it's mounted in that fender well.  So I didn't even walk in the house, was out there assisting him with it like I do every time he changes it, before he got pissed and broke something.

After we finished the Cobra, he tells me "I cleaned out your fridge this weekend, fucking mess".   Without missing a beat I replied "Really???  You mean MY fridge that I'M never HOME to mess up or even USE??  You mean THAT fridge??  Geeeee, thanks for doing that!!!!"  Yeah, he shut the hell up and was quite pleasant after that.

Papoose #1 and I talked about what happened last week and have worked through it quite well, I think.  We are addressing the different things that led up to/caused the dishonesty and overwhelming reactions to it.

The Real Deal is bringing me my Job #2 check that I need in order to be able to make the first giant mortgage payment today.  Should I have my feelings hurt that he hasn't asked if we can have lunch together?   He is having and early birthday celebration with people from work later.  My feelings are kinda hurt.  We never get to have lunch or here he is going to be up here and he hasn't even offered/asked.  Hmmm.

Ok, only one here on the phones today so I have to run.  It's taken two and a half hours to write all this garbage as it is.

Have a good day all.


  1. toot! (that's my horn blowing ha)

    glad you had such a great weekend... after the trifecta thursday, you deserved to have a fabulous time... not that you don't ALWAYS deserve that...but more so after last week :)

    so you need to take some pictures of that new beautiful beast you got so we can see what he looks like... wish i could send ours your way ha! coach would kill me though...

    have a great day!

  2. "...he was antsy and every time I'd grab his head to settle him down..."

  3. I bought that Vetericyn today. Crossing my fingers that is works! Thanks for the info!