Friday, February 24, 2012

Batting Some Thoughts Around

It is a flipping gorgeous day out again today!!!

I'm the only gal in the office today.  I totally forgot the other office gal wouldn't be here today, and brought her breakfast.  I'm such a goof.

Mister Wonderful is really overwhelmed with all of the fall out he's having to deal with for choosing to hook up with The Cunt.  I'm worried about him.  But hey, anyone that makes hurtful selfish choices like he and The Cunt did, has to expect to deal with the consequences.

They will never last. There is no way she is worth all this shit to him.

I am picking Papoose #2 up and taking her to lunch today.  I am beyond excited!!!  Love that kid.  She got a first and a second at her track meet yesterday.  Yeah, my kid is a beast!!!!  So proud of her!!

Papoose #1 and I are having a mommy daughter day out together tomorrow.  We will eat somewhere, bum around at some antique shops etc, and maybe roll in somewhere for pedis.  We always have fun on our adventures, no matter what we do.  So looking forward to it.  We live together right now, but our schedules are so opposite, we go days on end without ever actually seeing each other.

MW made me dinner last night.  He was a super sweet guy all night.  It's so much better for everyone to get along.

I'll be rolling over to the farm to visit my friends and work with the horses.  That is one trip that is way overdue!!!  I miss them so much!!!  Sucks balls living so far away from them now, when I used to be ten minutes away, at the tepee.

MW wants me to drop Gizmo off with him when I go to the farm. He loves that dog.

I need the plugs in my eyes replaced.  Eyes are so damn dry, my contacts are killing me.  Killing me.

I am so thankful that I'm on the other side of all this bullshit that's been going down in my life lately.  The good days are outnumbering the bad days now. Thank God.

The jalopy is in DESPERATE need of an oil change and an alignment.  So bad.

I have to go get some work done now.

Have a fabulous weekend, all.


  1. Two breakfasts for you! :-)

    You are not and nver have been responsible how Mr. Wonderful feels. He is an adult! Take care of yourself instead. xo

    I am glad you are having better days.

  2. so good to get back to the farm... such enrichment to be had consorting with the animals and nature... have a wonderful weekend my friend... hello to the poose's for me